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General Strength vs Specific strength

Coach, I noticed from your articles and forum posts there seem to be two kinds of strength: specific strength, like strength-skill/mostly low reps stuff. Mostly get good at low rep stuff for 3/4 lifts.

On the other side, there seems to be more general strength. You mentionedned that higher rep range strength doesn’t wear off as fast. I recall in the power look program it said, that 3RM strength is overall strength, other than 1RM strength. You also mentioned (I remember) that you said something like “getting strong in a bunch of different excercises will get you more overall strong”.

Now, this general strength seems like a great thing, and a awesome base to built off for most strength goals.
What would be a good way to built overall strength? I was thinking of picking 2/3 excercises per ‘movement pattern’.

Would this be something? :
Lower pull/hinge:
-deadlift (hang power clean)
-sumo deadlift
-farmer walk

Lower push/squat:
-back squat
-zercher squat
-yoke walk

Upper push:
-incline bench press
-behind the neck push press

Upper pull/row:

  • pull up
    -t-bar row
    -1 arm barbell row (is that a meadows row?)

6 days a week, picking an excercise of each category for every workout (so each excercise would be done 2 times). One time a week for 5x3, one time for 5x5. Back work done for 8-10 as hypertrophy work.

Hope to hear some feedback!