General Shipping Question

First post. Hello to all!

I have found a source and would like to know if its safe to have it shipped to my home address or is there a technique. (fake mail box ect,) I do not want any problems and finding it here local is next to impossible as my gym is kinda lame as for serious athletes. PM me if you would like. Flame me or what ever. I do not know were else to ask such a question.


Generally if they call you and ask you to pick it up at the post office, this means they caught your shit so don’t go because you will only self prosecute yourself. Other then that I think you should be alright, let your source do what its supposed to do.

The reason people use them is it doesn’t create a nexus between your home and mailbox, so law officials might not jump to the conclusion that you have some sort of stash or something at your place of residence. Some sources do not ship to P.O. Boxes from what I’ve been told though.

I have never used a P.O. box for anything personally. It doesn’t change the risk of a shipment getting intercepted by a Postal Inspector or customs - it only “possibly” lets you off the hook for a search of your home; Which would be bad of course whether you had contraband or not because generally a ransacking occurs.

Thanks! Just worried that the overseas package could get intercepted and ruin me…

if its a small amount that gets caught, you would most likely just get a letter from customs. It is unlikely-although possible-that they would take any further action.
Many places will reship the order (to a different address) if you send them the customs letter

Thanks to all for the information and awesome PMs