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General Questions

  1. If I am doing Olympic Squats for 3x6 with 120 second rest to build strength, should I be doing ass to grass? How narrow should my stance be, inside shoulder width?

  2. How wide should I go on wide grip cable rows?

  3. If I squat 235 for 5x5, how much should I be good morning for 3x5?

Thank you for your help,

  1. if doing “Oly. Squats” well squat like an olympic lifter narrower stance and yes ass to grass. That Olyimpic.

  2. wide grip I would say wider than shoulders and greater

  3. No one can tell you but you. There is no “should” level for that comparison only a “CAN” you’ll have to do it and find out.

Hope that helps,

Do people usually good morning more than they squat? Can I get some ideas of what people squat vs. what they good morning?


My good morning max was approximately 60 or so percent of my most recent deadlift. Done with a shoulder width stance and to parallel, deadlift was done sumo.