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General Questions/FAQ Thread?

Another forum I sometimes use has a big thread for short questions etc and I think it could be useful here and prevent a lot of silly topics being created all the time, what does everyone think?

One example question (the one which gave me the idea) is in a low carb diet when I’m only having carbs in one meal a day, is it preferable pre or post workout?

Use it for fuel, I think that’s the general consensus at this point, that pre workout nutrition is more important than post (especially if you have to choose)

Oh a thread where my dumb questions are allowed.

I wake up at 4 and try to start my first warmup set by 4:15. I have a branched cyclic dextrin lying around. I often wonder if that is even in my bloodstream by the time I’m working.

@Despade thank you - that’s good news because I’m always hungry after work.

@Basement_Gainz yeah essentially but they’re all in one place rather than lots of four post threads. I guess kind of like a flame free question thread instead.

You’d think that and it should be the case, but reality bears out that it’s not, unfortunately. A while back, most of the sections did have a handful of stickies relevant to them. Combat had their own, TRT, Pharma, Beginners, whatever.

They were fine for a while, but eventually the views stalled out because people simply stopped looking at them. Instinct beat common sense and people who wanted to ask their question asked their question. Research, schmesearch.


I mean, folks here are great and all, but if we removed anything that qualified as a silly training or nutrition topic, things would get much quieter all-around. The Beginners forum would be mostly crickets, since “shut up and just do this and this for 6 months” would solve 90% of a beginner’s issues.

This is where the idea of a cure-all FAQ gets muddy, because a lot of different stuff can work. Like in this case, are you having protein and carbs in a shake during training? 50g of cyclic dextrins are more useful than eating a cup of rice in the pre- or post-workout meal. So it’s not necessarily a one size fits all (no pun intended) answer.

Nevermind the fact that an FAQ that’s supposed to address all the big, basic questions would need to have undeniably “correct” answers that aren’t open for debate or interpretation because, if there’s room for a follow-up question, it defeats the purpose. Those types of answers are few and far between when it comes to training and diet.

So, it’s a good idea in general, just not practical and not really the time-saver it’s supposed to be.


That all makes sense - thanks for replying.

The point about things not have clear-cut answers is something I hadn’t thought of and kind of makes it impossible. The other forum I mentioned isn’t related to lifting and most of the answers to questions asked there ARE clear-cut.

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