General Questions and Needing Advice on Books/Resources

Alright, I guess I should start with some background. I am 35, been working out for aesthetics and strength since about 18. It took me YEARS to find out what works for me. Around 24 I finally made it out of college (women, competitive drinking, and 10 gram blunts of dank were my vices). Shortly after I enlisted in the reserves. Around 2008 I really got back into the gym as I knew I was going overseas. At the time I was under the impression that in order to get the largest ballistic vest and corresponding ballistic plates I had to be a certain weight. I started prohormone usage before then during and after deployment.

I work on the road so I have learned to get inventive with my workouts so I do not need a spot. In these past two years I have been lucky enough to finally get some what stationary and have had a corresponding improvement with the gym.

A couple months back a Army buddy had heard I was on the sauce (juice) but I wasn’t I was just showing the dedication i had rediscovered with my current situation. Long story short I ended up getting a stack together.

I have read and read and read online resources trying to educate myself before I got my current cycle and have continued to read during this run.

My main question is really a plea for input.

  1. What are the recommended reputable informational resources you gents find useful? This site so far has been my favorite but I read every forum I can find I and after a while it just seems like it’s a toss up. One says left the other says right. I am looking for books and sites with PHDs behind them. Books and sites (like this one) with years of experience behind the postings.

  2. What subjects are not regularly covered in these forums that I need to read up on? I am talking about the things that you didn’t even realize you needed to know until years in. Or some veteran pointed it out to you.

Again I know I am new to this and I have tried to educate myself but I am finding too much conflicting information online. Like I said this site seems to have less broscience with more information that appears to come from educated sources so I am asking for input on where and what I need to know.

I will start another thread about my current cycle and what I have available for future runs.

Thanks in advanced.

Mark Rippetoe’s books are great reads, and Mark Lauren has a good book on body weight exercises I liked.