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General Question

I know none of you want me you to ask you where you get your stuff so I’m not gonna. But I just want to know if you guys think its legit if you buy your gear from an online source? Because knowing a guy who can buy you steroids through another guy makes me a little nervous that I’m just gonna get some crap that’s not legit.

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I wouldn’t trust any online source. You could end up sending them money and get junk, or even nothing, in return. Some sources might be some undercover Feds… who knows.

I don’t even trust my dealers anymore. There are so many counterfeits out there and some look WAY TOO DAMN good.

The only person I trust the most is me… I’ll stick to making all my own gear… at least I know what the hell is in it.

Lets keep it simple. Don’t trust an online source. Better to err on the safe side amongst other things. As I read in another article on T-Nation, you’ll might be even more cautious as the ban nears, which could result in an increase demand for steriod and alike products. Further opening the door for people trying to make the quick buck selling crap!!