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General Question - Already on HRT



My first post in here. I've been on HRT for the past seven years - Testim Gel and sometimes in the Summer I go on Cypionate or Enanthate as the gell stains my work shirts. I'm currently taking Cypionate Shots at 200mg on Sun/Weds with some arimidex at .5 ED New Doc bumped me up to try and help me build a little muscle and drop some body fat.

I'm reading all I can about different cycles etc.... My question is really, since I've been on HRT and will be for the rest of my life, is it necessary to do PCT after a cycle? Can you go right from one cycle to another? Should you take some time in between and back your test back down?

People I know say no or they are unsure as they want there natural function to come back, but since I have very little naturally (<100) is it necessary?

Thanks for any help.


Never mind my search fu is weak. I found the threads I needed. General consensus in no. Anybody differ?


No need for PCT for a guy in your situation.

Just my opinion:
I would only stay on the higher dose as long as you are making good gains. When they stop, drop back down to TRT doses for about 4-6 weeks. Then you can always go back up again. Remeber the body grows in spurts. Take advantage of this and cycle on when its time.


You have a new doctor that willingly (assuming without you having to coax him) bumped you up to 400 mg/week of test as an HRT dosage? Christ. Is this an American doctor, or overseas? I find this very interesting.


It's an anti aging clinic. My Doc would only give me 1 200mg shot a month............ Which is why I went on Testim. It would keep my levels in low/mid normal on 2 tubes a day. But in the summer it really stained my dress shirts for work due to the sweat. So I asked to go back on the injections and promptly found someone else who knew what they were doing.