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General Question about PCT and Kickstarting HPTA


Hello everyone,

Just a general question that i cant find a clear answer to. When ending a cycle or being shutdown for whatever reason, does pct help the body recover or is it like a temporary boost so you wont lose gains until your system recovers? Also if someone has a failed pct and tries a second one why is it suggested that he takes hcg for some time before taking clomid and nolva or that he takes higher doses for the first week? does shooting your levels through the roof at first help at all your body ‘‘wake up’’??or is it just bro science??


SERM PCTs like Nolvadex block the androgenic effects of estrogen. So it doesn’t completely shut down your estrogen production, but over a 3-4 week period it will balance your estrogen levels with that of testosterone. Its used to help your body recover and to keep gains.

As for a failed PCT, it’s very rare as long as you take the recommended dose and have reliable chemicals. IMO taking an intense amount of Nolva at the start of a PCT is counterproductive.


So if 10 months after a cycle i havent reached homeostasis yet, does using SERMS will help reach and maintain pre cycle levels?? Because I used clomid for 4 weeks to see if there would be an improvment and there was (after 10 months of no improvement)…its been 5 weeks since i stopped it and i have kept the improvements (mostly in the amount of semen and hardness of erections) but they are not like pre cycle so i was thinking of doing another 4 weeks of clomid nolva so i can finally reach and maintain homeostasis. My doctor says that i should wait it out and it will eventualy start working normally again… But he said the same thing before doing the second pct which obviously helped me so what does he know. What do you you think i should do. Another complete pct until i reach pre cycle levels or just wait and see if my hpta reaches pre cycle levels on its own. Also is 5 weeks after stopping the clomid enough time to see if the improvements are permanent and not a temporary fix??

Thanks for your time