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General Protein Supplement Mix

Hey guys,

I was wondering what would be a good protein mix for just general supplementation, meaning something to get my total protein intake up.

I was thinking a mix of:
2/3 MF whey isolate
1/6 Millecar Milk Protein Concentrate
1/6 Calcium Caseinate

Or should i go with straight WPC, or MF Whey Isolate? OR something else entirely?

I would probably take it before bed, so aswell as being general upping of my protein intake, it could also act to prevent catabolism while i sleep, hence the Millecar and calcium caseinate.

What do you think of this mix? Should i adjust the ratios a bit? less whey?

I will be buying from www.myopure.com.au , which has very good pricing, and free shipping to australia.