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General Pro-Hormone Questions

Question in short- what is the best way to take a pro-hormone?

Now for the long more specific questions-
I had been training hard, and i mean really hard, for about a year, then the summer began so i quit training and started working asphalt. I was comming off a cycle of pro-hormones and i followed it with a pct of novedex xt.

The losses in size and strength were phenomenal and i got fat as shit. clearly i did something wrong and i am not looking to have the same results with my next cycle.
im 21 years old
215 lbs
at the end of my last cycle i doubled 275 on regular bench and 225 close grip.
405 squat
365 dead
now i would be lucky to get 75 to 50% of the weight on each lift

aside from strict dieting, which i always adhere to when i am training, i have a few questions to help get me back
now looking at my next cycle
i want to take axis labs furazadrol stacked with i-force BOLD
what should i be taking additionally as far as a SERM and PCT

there is a thread in steroids about this

ive searched quite a bit before posting but i will def check out the steroid thread