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general nutritional poll


just a couple of quick questions to see what everyone else does.

  1. when dieting and scrutinizing over every last macronutrient and calorie, do you count protein in nuts, veggies, bread, etc. (which have a lower BV rating) towards your total daily protein intake--or do you only count the protein from the main sources such as whey/egg/tuna/beef/etc.?

  2. for those people that aren't competing bodybuilders: when you aren't cutting or bulking and you're just maintaining, do you continue to separate carbs and fats or do you ease up on such dieting guidelines?

i think that's all i've got. thanks.


1 ~ All.


2 ~ Always keep them separate.

"One should eat to live, not live to eat"

~ Moliere

  1. I count all my micronutrients. It's not like I'm getting most of my protein from incomplete proteins anyway--I don't live off of Jello or anything.

  2. In general, I stick with JB's dietary guidelines when maintaining. In general. Of course, it seems like I loosen up some when I'm maintaining, and a little more when I'm bulking.


1) i count incomplete protiens as well.

2) i do not seperate fats and carbs when maintainig weight.


Seeing as Burger King doesn't separate my macro's for me, I just eat them all at the same time.


1)No, I don't count the small amount of protein in veggies, fruits and other carb sources towards my total protein count.
2)Yes I seperate P+C and P+F meals as much as I can, because even if I'm not concerned about body composition at the time, I'm still always concerned with performance.


im with sully. I havent counted calories or protein or carbs or anything in about two years. I just try to get at least 50 grams of protein every 3 hours im awake. I let everything else fall into place on its own. I have no problems eating enough calories.

  1. I'm with goldie on this one. You've got all this talk in the articles about how "a calorie isn't a calorie" since food combinations and timing relative to workouts. Additionally, some sources say you need a couple hundred extra calories to grow while Berardi says you can eat a couple THOUSAND more calories. I just stick with the 35-34 g. of protein every 2 hrs combined with fat or carbs and hit a reasonable calorie count for the day. Protein in nuts that come out in undigested big chunks in my poo is minutia to me. Save your mental energy for something more important learning to write w/ your toes.

  2. If you can maintain your weight eating whatever combinations you want then by all means do it. If you're like lots of us who get fat EZ, don't.


i only count protein from complete protein sources (ie meat, diary, shakes etc) but still take into account the cals for incomplete sources.
Yeah this means total cals are more than combined counts from CHO, PRO and FAT, but i want the individual breakdown to have meaning, incomplete protein is not contributing to my physique so dont count it as protein just empty cals.

if i dont have current physique goals i eat whatever i want whenever i want, including copious amounts of beer.
It makes dieting so much more dramatic :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I do:

*Eat copious amounts of FOOD.

*Train hard AND smart to make use of the copious amounts of FOOD.