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General Nutrition Plan

Alright I think I’m finally understanding roughly what to eat to have a pretty decent diet and I’ve categorized it in some parts:

5 carbs whole wheat if possible

5 or so different kinds of meat, half of them lean half of them with some fat
something lol

fish, variety would be good but the easiest for me to have access to is tuna cans


dairy… all preferably low fat and not too much
cottage cheese

random berries

tomatoes, cucumber, onions salad

some almonds, olive oil and omega 3 supplement tablets.

post workout shake with at least protein

and water

Does this kind of diet sound like its missing anything important? It sounds like a pretty good basic diet to me. I just wanna know if I’m missing something I haven’t thought of.

Whether your food choices are good or not depends on your goals and your strategy/your body’s reaction to those foods.

This is not actually a diet, as macros/kcals have not been laid out, there is no real mention of the types of meals you are planning to consume, etc.

But, that is ok.

Addressing your food selection, everything looks fine.

In terms of meat, I imagine Greece has some great lamb (or so I have been lead to believe), and could be a part of a low CHO meal (or just a higher fat meal). Being that you are planning to include pork already, the addition of lamb seems acceptable.

I personally rely almost entirely on Beef and Chicken. Turkey is great if its a leaner cut or part of a low CHO meal (again, if you are doing a nutrient separation strategy).

I’m not particularly interested in kcals or macros. I know how to generally plan meals and what to eat and when. If I want to lose some weight I would just eat much less of the 5 slow carb sources.

I’m asking more about if my body is getting everything it needs, not missing any vitamins or fiber or something like that.

But since you asked roughly how much I would eat of each is:
100-200 grams of the slow carb foods if there is no training on that day
200-400g or more if its a training day

meat, fish, water and vegetables I don’t really restrict myself unless its a high fat meat but even then i still don’t restrict myself much. I generally get at least 200grams of protein

protein shake has 40-60g of protein

I try to eat at least one banana, one apple, one orange a day, more if its a training day especially with high volume. I’m thinking two oranges should be minimum so that you don’t get sick

eggs I just can’t eat many… they make me wanna throw up but I can stomach a couple a day.

half a litre of milk, 100-200grams of cottage cheese, 100-200grams of yogurt

olive oil i usually use on tuna and sometimes on other stuff, almonds are about 50 grams a day. 5-10grams of fish oil(omega 3) a day.

not counting vegetables I’d say I get
250grams of protein, 400 grams of carbs and 150 grams of fat roughly on a training day when I’m training 5 times a week. I also tend to lose weight even though its ~4000 calories.

That all seems fine if your main concern is avoiding nutrient deficiencies. I would emphasize vegetable over fruit.

If you are concerned with physique, at all, I would pay more attention to diet, but for what you appear to be interested in, this looks ok.

Alright, thanks!

I’m doing olympic weightlifting so mostly I just care for bodyweight and the lifts so thats ok :wink: