General Health Supplemenation

Just wondering what some of you guys take in terms of in supplementation in regards to non-bodybuilding supplements/foods?(Im meaning supplements not directly aimed for improving sports performance, lifting, generally just targeted at general health and wellness)

Here’s my list (I dont take all of these things all at once, generally rotated on a daily/weekly basis)

1 Teaspoon of Pyroclay (Extremely good source of trace minerals) with powerful detoxification abilities
2 Royal Jelly 1 Teaspoon (Rich in all sorts of antioxidants, trace minerals, hormones, fatty acids, etc…)
3 White Tea - Powerful source of antioxidants (even more so than drinking green tea, plus I prefer the taste hands down over green)
4 Kefir - Great source of naturally occuring probiotics for fantastic gut health (I make it myself)
5 Kombacha Tea - Fermented tea with all kinds of good stuff like Beneficial probiotics, Live active enzymes,L-Theanine (an amino acid), Organic acids, Polyphenols.
6 Raw Colostrum - I dont know if their is a lot of research to justify taking this but it overall just helps me feel much better, get stronger and jacks up my immunity
7 Superfood concentrate - I use Jon Barrons Reserve superfood as I consider Jon Barron to be one of the premier experts on holistic/healthy living/general wellness (F–k Andrew Weil, he dont know shit compared to this guy), I consider his formula the gold standard although I am willing to test out Biotest’s Superfood at some point just cause I like mixing things up.
8 XPC - Yep, I eat animal feed that has really nice benefits. to get the primer on this. Pennies on the freaking dollar… gotta love that!
9 Goji Berries - One of the top Superfoods out their which I occasionally purchase and eat a handful every day.

Honestly the only supplement that I take that is not directed towards building muscle is a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. lol

Aside from that I sometimes use the following (some can be used for muscle as well):

Vit A,B’s,C,D,E
Aloe Vera (grandma swears on the stuff! lol)
Vit C
Milk Thistle if I ever drink (very, very, very seldom)
delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (lol jk, well seldomly)

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

Currently I am just taking the multi and Vit C as added supps for health.


  1. milk thistle daily to safeguard me liver.
  2. brewer’s yeast for the complete B-spectrum
  3. wheatgrass and enzymedica’s ph-Basic - to balance an acidic diet/life
  4. ConcenTrace Minerals.

agree with you about andrew weil.

by the way - i had learned that goji berries are only grown in tibet. there are chinese wolfberries that look like goji’s (same family) but do not have the full benefits as goji’s. real goji’s usually come to market in october.

Superfood, Flameout, REZ-V, and vitamin C, vegetables/fruits and berries, are my general good health supplements.


I shoot for a varied and somewhat balanced(meat heavy) diet based on whole foods and lean sources of protein. In theory, that should cover all my bases.

Sorry, I forgot, I take a 50g zinc supplement daily; I think I might just be a little deficient.

Im also a big fan of superfoods of all kinds like (well some of these I havent tried but will in the forseeable future… mangosteen powder, camucamu, maca, suma, cacao nibs (the real dark chocalate, incan berries, etc…)

I’m saddened that nobody got this joke :frowning:


[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:

…delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (lol jk, well seldomly)

I’m saddened that nobody got this joke :frowning:


Ya got a thing for Mary Jane?

[quote]BigKDawg wrote:
Dirty Gerdy wrote:

…delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (lol jk, well seldomly)

I’m saddened that nobody got this joke :frowning:


Ya got a thing for Mary Jane?[/quote]

Nah, seldomly we have a one night fling. lol Imo it’s better than drinking…

I just didn’t get any responses to this and wondered if people knew the chemical of mary jane. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kinda the nerdy science kid with big muscles that thinks about sh*t like this. lol I used to ask drug dealers if they had this and they all said “no man I just sell weed” lol :stuck_out_tongue: