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General Consensus on HCG?


So from what I've read it seems most people on here advocate using HCG throughout the entire cycle at moderate doses (250ius e3d). But I have also read in a few other places that it is often used more sporadically throughout your cycle when needed (ie when nuts shrink) and that prolonged use into the 10week range risks permanatley shutting down your production of gonadotropins.

Has anybody tried sporadic use of HCG with good results? Any other opinions out their? It seems like its use is just now starting to really pickup so I'm curious to know what peoples experiences have been.


Moderate use will not shut down your gonadotropins...this doesn't even make sense since they come from the pituitary...just use it...it will help and has little drawback...


fair enough. So does the pituitary not shut down production as quickly as say the testes? Does anybody use HCG more long term as a standalone?


Dude, I am back on and am adament about employing HCG. My first Doc steered me away from it. The boys went MIA and I had to "whip" them back out. It took MONTHS for them to reappear to previous size. I am doing 500iu every 3 days for the time being. 250 is too small of a dose for me.