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General Cardio / Lifting Questions


ive been working with some db's at home lately cause i havent been able to make it to the gym, and i have a couple questions
with db shoulder press, do i wanna stop the dbs around ear level or go all the way till they're touching my shoulders? one guy told me going all the way would be bad on your joints
oh and also should i do my cardio before or after i work out?


some will say a full range of motion is essential, others will say going to your ears is sufficient…id say its up to you…

doing cardio after you lift is better from what ive read. if you do cardio before you lift you wont have as much “energy”/glucose to use during your workout which will lower your ability to lift as much weight as you could have if you lifted before you did cardio…so basically, doing cardio first will hinder your progress in the weight room.


I either do Standing DB Arnold Presses or Barbell Military Press. Arnold Presses keep the tension in the muscle and are “easy” on the joints or whatever you call them. Military pressing is a great alternative/accessory to benching.

In terms of cardio, nothing over 75% after lifting or before otherwise you will not get much out of the session in terms of strength I think, energy will be utilised elsewhere. The next day you could probably do some HiiT in the evening, I can’t remember where I read it but " the body after 36hours of weight training is ready for intervals".


if u need to fat burn, do it after lifting because you glucose levels will be lowered so it will take less time to enter a fat burning state, i wouldnt do any before unless it was 5-10 minutes of slow stuff to warm up


I personally do 5-6 minutes of low intensity jogging before I workout. I find it gets me goin before a good set of lifts. Most cardio should be done PWO…


ears. even with very light db’s you’ll feel discomfort on your shoulder jointif u go any lower.

its a fact that doing cardio after a lifting session is more useful than doing it before. but i personally like to get in 5 - 15 mins of boxing in before lifting.