Gene Simmon's Comments on Prince's Death

Okay, MAYBE, he was out of line in terms of insensitivity, but I do see what point he’s trying to make. Thoughts?


Gene Simmons has always been kind of a wank.

Dynasty was a hell of an album though, so he gets a pass.

The timing of his comment is perhaps insensitive, though, yeah he does have a point.

He isn’t wrong. I couldn’t imagine killing myself with drugs if I had that much money or fame. Id be busy trying to change the world.

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Prince WAS trying to change the world. He did a shit-load of charity in various cities that he didn’t want people to know about.

It’s embarrassing that so many people give a damn about what celebrities say and think. Especially dooshy ones like Gene Simmons.

His point would be more well-received by me if it wasn’t based on assumptions. But that’s what people in this country do now, right? Hear rumors and treat them like facts? We all do remember that those 2 things are not synonymous, don’t we?

I know, not a whole lot of new threads happening here. Had to find something to pick up the forum, right Stu?


mmmyyyyyyyy heeerrrrrooooooo


People who don’t do drugs usually don’t have much sympathy for people who do.

We could say, “Gene, think of his family.”

Then he could respond something about drug abusers being selfish.

The real problem is how much HEROIN is being pushed by medical dudes in the U.S.

Its one thing to make a point or statement that stands on its own merit, but when it involves someone elses tragic death and is made at their expense, its just a crappy thing to do.
I don’t see any need for that.


I agree.

Simmons has a reputation for saying what’s on his mind. And he seems to think he’s a lot smarter than everyone else. So he can come across as a douche.

Dude was insensitive. I’m not ready to boycott radio stations that play kiss music.

I don’t know much about Prince, but I don’t think he ever went around bad-mouthing anyone else.

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Addiction is a terrible thing.

Ask hypocrite Gene Simmons about his sexual addiction and how Shannon Tweed had to wait years for the fucker to finally commit to her officially.

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I certainly didn’t know about so many of the wonderful things Prince did without seeking any PR or accolades for until just recently. I was a fan of his music, and having been a kid in the 80’s, I really did get to see him grow and morph through so many different styles and genres.

That aside, I think it did come as a surprise to many people to find out that he had a serious addiction to OTC pain meds, and while Gene isn’t exactly handling this matter as well as many think he should (Simmons does have a rep for being a bit of a pompous clown), I do get what he MAY have been trying to put across. Not every rock star has to go down in flames of excess I suppose.


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Interesting point about the sexual addiction.

Ted Nugent is another no drugs but tons of puss guy. He too, has an “abrasive personal style.”

Prince’s chartitable works were news to me too. Everything about that guy was mysterious and surprising. Making pancakes for Charlie Murphy? Roller Skate Parties?

Not to mention he’s admitted to having had sex with underage girls.
He’s also a chickenhawk who dodged the draft in a most despicable way, and fathered 7 kids with 5 women… only 2 of which he’s married. Plus, he’s been ordered by the court to pay child support.
This “Nuge” who holds himself so high for never having used drugs of any kind is a total asshole in so many ways.

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If you were regularly missing work, not seeing friends and family, forgetting commitments , etc because you were chasing/having sex - then I’d say you were addicted.

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yeah but stranglehold was a great tune, and The Damn Yankees could fairly rock too.

Ted Nugent gets a pass.

Exactly, as I has stated initially “Addiction is a terrible thing.”
Simmons is no saint to be pointing a finger at anyone else with an addiction.

Whatever your issues are, I couldn’t care less. However you want to portray or label yourself, whatever. You’re not an international figure on his high horse dishing out life lessons about another celeb who happened to have been an extremely charitable man who struggled with pain killers (which had initially been prescribed by a doctor) because of chronic hip pain.

It’s not his fault, a wizard alien is controlling him.

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An opinionated Israeli butting into other people’s lives? Who would have suspected that?

That would never happen on this forum.


Sexual addiction is real and debilitating. Porn use is a form of sexual addiction and it is becoming a health epidemic.