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Gender Norms, Postmodernism and How We Identify and MeToo


Speaking of gender norms…The pic below is of a call light located above the OR doors at my hospital. Back in the day, if you wanted a nurse to come to the room, you’d hit a button and this plastic doohickey above the door would light up, letting the nurse know where she was needed.

Coincidentally, the Male Doctors’ Locker Room is directly attached to the Surgeon’s Lounge. Where is the Female Doctors’ Locker Room? There’s no such room; female surgeons change in the nurse’s locker room.

(In fairness, my hospital was built many years ago.)


There’s a relic from the good ole days!

An old friend of mines mother was purportedly one of the first opthalmologic surgeons in at least the region. People thought she was crazy for wanting to do “that kind of work”.

Turns out she was pretty good at it.


The original engineering building on my campus was built with no women’s restrooms.


When my BiL was trying to become a mech engineer, one of his profs in week one addressed the class and said women don’t belong in this field, they’re just not cut out for it.


I bet my school had the same in the engineering school. Much of the place was declared a ‘fallout shelter’.


Because we’re too cowardly to simply say “no.” We just go along with them, pretending.


But testosterone is a social construct, right?


Apparently everything is…


Then why can’t I buy any without either going to a crooked TRT mill or breaking the law?!


Not true. Just tell your doctor that you can’t handle being a woman anymore and you want your body to be as manly as you feel inside, they will fix you up.


First ever MTM transgender. Don’t judge me!!!