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Gender Norms, Postmodernism and How We Identify and MeToo


I think it’s more of an agenda to make all things normal. If more of the hetero population is desensitized to these previously fringe topics, then we’ll have less of an “ick” or “yuck” reaction, be less judgemental and intolerant. See? Systematic desensitization.

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That may be what they are thinking but from what I’ve seen it goes beyond simply assuring those who aren’t heterosexual that they are not weirdos, and teaching heterosexuals that those who aren’t like they are, are not weirdos. They are encouraging young people to not only have sex but that sex is something that their lives should revolve around.


I agree, we are too sex obsessed. It’s part of life, but there those consumed with it and believe that everyone else should be too.
Every song every show every movie revolves around sex. It’s moved from ‘let’s get a healthy attitude about sex’ to another unhealthy attitude of bring overly obsessed with it, which is also unhealthy.


I have no words to describe how disturbing this is Puff.
The qualifications for being in charge of sex ed should require scientific expertise in the topic and education. Being an ‘activist’ should be an automatic disqualification.


Agreed. My daughter’s school division at the high school scaled back it’s literature last year due to parent feedback (thank God after I read a bit of it).

That being said, I also consider all of the ‘abstinence only’ teachers to also be activists.


Counter viewpoint: It’s one of the most adult decisions teens are expected to make. The amount of consequences for bad choices regarding sex is staggering. It can eclipse bad choices with drugs and cars in certain situations.


The real irresponsibility there is that teens, especially young (11-12) are extremely predisposed to latching on to virtually anything to try to form an identity and be part of a peer group.

Poisoning the pool early and often can lead to some hellacious confusion. Little Johnny felt awkward while playing stinky pinky. What he doesn’t know is that so did everybody else. Now you have someone on the internet entirely bereft of or of unknown qualification telling him who knows what.

Skip to Johnny thinking that he’s a pansexual unicorn butterfly-sexual, because young easily confused kids aren’t great at making abstract choices.


And those bad choices will be made regardless. Teaching about sex as a biological function is one thing, teaching about how to have sex safely is one thing. Teaching how to have good sex is something different altogether.


I agree. Facts, real life not chastity belts nor hardcore porn are healthy.
Is it so hard to be honest and tell the truth about sex?
Most people’s sex lives are boring to other people. That’s reality. Sex is a normal part of life it’s not everything and it’s not nothing.
Teaching kids to ride bananas is way past ‘o.k.’


And depending on the time of year and/or your supermarket, it could set wildly unrealistic expectations.



That’s just bizarre. I bet she likes sex a whole lot more now… It helps when you don’t miss.


At the very least, at least conceiving shouldn’t be such a PITA anymore…

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@ That couple doing it wrong, no comment.

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On the one hand, as a man, I don’t care. This affects women more than men since women who become men, or identify as men, are not going to be able to compete with biological men. So let the whatever wave we have now feminists solve the dilemma they created. On the other hand, I have a daughter and not only is this not fair but has the potential to be dangerous if it ends up spilling over to sports which have physical contact. Like the CT boys who identify as girls, that you mentioned. What if they joined a girl’s wrestling team, for example? Or even soccer as some of the tackles can be pretty rough.


The social justice movement just took another bite out of itself.


I am reminded of how a few years ago the former Dark Ninja was howling about Fallon Fox. Born a man, they identified as female and decided to fight them in MMA. She was arguing that his natural bone and muscle density was greater than a regular woman, and there was an unfair advantage.

What became of Fox?


Wasn’t Fox on female hormones? She did lose because she sucked as a fighter but in the case of the boys in CT running against girls, they simply identify as girls and are not actually transitioning.


You beat me too it.


Probably better to not know so as to not give attention to non-sense.