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Gender Norms, Postmodernism and How We Identify and MeToo


'Cause it’s made up bullshit some bozo’s want to impose upon the culture. They don’t want you to be alarmed if they walk around dressed like a furry.


I wouldn’t consider oral or anal “abnormal”. Not these days anyway. I had anal before I had vaginal sex in HS fwiw. But, yes, I was planning on delving into “abnormal” activities. I’d prefer my sons not think running a train on a barrack rat is normal.

The issue for me is, they’re certainly going to see some crazy shit in porn.


No idea either. I assume you’re privileged because you aren’t sexually inclined to prefer things that are, uh, different than the norm.


You didn’t grow up on a farm by chance?


It was with a girl harharharhar


Then term ‘abnormal’ is meant in the antiseptic sense, as in ‘not the majority’. Even being extremely gracious, heterosexual sexual behavior accounts for well over 90% of the population in terms of preference.
Alternate sexual behavior is hip to talk about these days, but it’s still a small minority of the population.


I guess. Type in pornhub . com. I bet at least 1 video on the first page is fucked up and that’s my point. They’re gonna be exposed to stuff my parents weren’t and probably stuff I haven’t been (which would be impressive honestly).


Porn is all fucked up by default. It’s very unrealistic sex.
I don’t think kids should watch it because they haven’t developed the capacity to separate reality and fantasy especially when it’s that nuanced. It’s a poor lesson in sex.
“Oh yeah, pizza drivers get laid by hot women all the time!” Not unless they’re dealing coke on the side, then maybe.


Is that why your computer is so slow?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya, but they do hence the conundrum.


It’s not fair, I had to look between the squiggly lines on the cable box just to catch a nipple. Took me a couple of toothpicks to figure out that trick didn’t really work


Can it be deplatformed like Alex Jones?


Porn? lol.


Sure, why not?


Trying to stop porn from being online would be like trying to stop the flow of drugs into the country. In other words, impossible.


Yeah, but Alex Jones can’t be kept offline, either.


This is where I think most people misunderstand the statistics of gender differences. You only see overwhelming selection differences if you are selecting for extremes. Men and women are reasonably different on average, but there is far more overlap than difference. Men are more aggressive, but if you take a random man and women, the woman will be more aggressive 40% of the time. That means, a specific woman having more masculine type trait(s) than a specific man isn’t at all unusual. Large differences only occur when extremes are being selected. So like a woman may be more aggressive than a man 40% of the time, but if you talk about the job position of CEO that selects for the most aggressive 3% of people in a large population, they are virtually all going to be men. If there were a group of 1000 people, and you pitted a random man vs. a random woman in a fight, some women will win, but there are no women that could stand against a man in the UFC.

Your sort of relationship, where extremes aren’t being selected, isn’t that unusual.


That was my biggest critique of my BiL. Guy delivered pizzas for years and not once did he get seduced by a lonely housewife.

On hosting sites sure, but to deplatform ‘porn’ you’d probably have to unplug the internet


It would be like trying to stop the Mississippi River with a stamp.


Porn is bi-partisan.