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Gender Norms, Postmodernism and How We Identify and MeToo


Yes, that man can become president.


Perhaps, although I would be more inclined to attribute it to the widely-held cultural norm that heterosexual promiscuity among males is something to be celebrated as an ‘achievement’ that connotes positive attributes about the male–he’s attractive, charming, etc.

More about male ‘blood pressure’ indicating consent–I agree that this is a widely held belief. However, it is considered a myth by people who study the issue. It is akin to the related myth that vaginal lubrication and/or orgasm in a woman prove she wanted a sexual encounter, and therefore could not be a victim of assault.


Heh, true enough.


“Many male victims report involuntary sexual arousal during abuse, a normal physiological response that can cause humiliation and a reluctance to report.”

From article below.

At age differences and double standards. Bill Clinton was 49, and Monica Lewinsky was 22. Let me tell you, if that didn’t seem off to you back then, wait until you’re 49 and have a 22 year old child.


You could have priapism… I.E. “If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours contact your doctor.” Well first contact the (adult) cheer-leading squad and once they’re satisfied, contact your doctor.


There is something to being “scared stiff”. Also, its been found that murderer’s sometimes ‘get-off’ while murdering.
Meaning in the end, many stressful situations can lead to unintended hard-on’s.


Serious question for the thread.

At what age do you all picture teaching your children about anal sex and the importance of lube if they choose to engage in anal sex? Oral sex? The safe use of sex toys and how they need to be washed properly to prevent the spread of STIs? At what age do you picture yourself having these discussions with your children, if ever?

Would it bother you to have your school teach these topics to your 15-year-old as part of the health curriculum?

Have you taught identity politics terms like heteronormative privilege to your children? Would it bother you if this is part of the school Health curriculum?

This is now part of the CA standards for diversity education and sex ed in the high school health classes. It is motivated by having more equality in teaching sex ed.

Edited: Let me add. I know sexual norms change over time. We have a lot of kids now exposed to porn as sex ed.


A 50 year old man with a girlfriend or wife in her early 20s, is going to get high fives from other men.



Yes it would.

That might be what they are saying but it’s clearly motivated by politics.


Jezz… Those are tough questions and I have boys.


We had the talk with the boy at about 11, the girl was 12 or 13 I think.


I taught them this that gender confusion crap is a bunch of horseshit and for most people its a phase they will pass through. And not to solve temporary problems with permanent solutions.




Most normal men of a certain age are not into young ladies. If I were a man on the make, I wouldn’t go south of (around) 35. If the young lady has a bedazzled phone case, shes too young. And your conversations are going to be agonizingly stupid for the most part.


Boys were easy to talk to. I just told them how it was, like they were another dude. I sugar coated nothing.
My wife took care of the girl. I don’t like discussing vaginas with my daughter, it makes me feel creepy.


Well, I wasn’t planning on covering the necessity of lube for anal…


I didn’t do much with abnormal sexuality, save for acknowledge it exists and if they bat for the other team, I will love them just as much. I don’t think you need micromanage the sex talk and make sure you leave no stone un-turned. Hell, there are still some sexual weirdness’s I don’t even know about, or want to know about. I have learned plenty of disturbing sexual habits. Some people are in to weird shit that I don’t even want to hear about.


When the nopetrain takes me to nopeville on the nopeexpress

As long as it’s fact driven? Not at all

Not gonna lie, don’t know what that is lol


I have to admit, I was wondering when you said you had that talk with them. The talk as Power described it?! I’m relieved to know that wasn’t the case. In the future, you may want to lead with the above qualifications, lol.


Considering the horrified look he had on his face when he was getting the ‘full checkup’ at the doctor, I didn’t figure I had to get much into the back side of the issue.
“Now little johnny, before you hit the gay bar, make sure you do a proper cleanse. Get you a couple of Fleet enemas and run them through your ass. Also, make sure you bleach you a-hole. Nobody likes a dark anus…”