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Gender Norms, Postmodernism and How We Identify and MeToo


So is Tb that QB just because he feels it?

Do you know my feelings?


Maybe I like you. Maybe you are a good person with some eccentricities. Maybe you are just a person who I don’t want to hurt if I can avoid it.

Tell the nationalist movements that emerged and still exist. Tell the two world wars. Tell the American public that displays almost no traces of enlightenment thinking.

So his biology is not a limiting factor in how he identifies himself? You see where I’m going with this. You don’t have to be born “Swedish” to feel Swedish.


If I don’t believe it.


Is TB that quaterback because he believes he is, or not?

Do you know my feelings?


That isn’t what you said, though.


You wouldn’t “play along” if he was the QB. He would be.


I don’t think he actually believes it but I don’t follow football so he very well could be.

We aren’t married so you don’t need to keep asking me about your feelings.


You’re confusing (and trying to conflate) a small, self-reinforcing segment of the academic community who focus on this niche area for the scientific community at large. A small fringe of academics is not the same as a vast majority of scientists who have concluded there is a scientific consensus to change how we categorize sex/gender.

The universe has no mission to validate social theories - it operates by the iron laws of species propogation and the like. And there doesn’t appear to be any reason to think we will see this tiny percentage of genetic anomalies make a quantum leap in proportion to main male/female categories any time in the next ten millennia, if ever.


If you quoted it, the it does sort of mean that.


If it is all personal feelings why don’t I get to declare something equivalent to atheism and agnosticism?

I don’t believe you feel like a woman. I can’t know you feel like a woman. And I don’t believe feeling like what you think a woman feels like makes you a woman.

Atransiiest? and Agtransism?


No, if means if you play along. Or, don’t/refuse to play along. Look at the quote again.


I am referring to those members of the relevant scientific community who reject the binary model of gender. And I can assure you, they comprise the vast majority of that community. Again, don’t take my word for it–check the extant literature for yourself.

(You’re doing it again.)


Yes, I know exactly where you’re going with this, but you keep avoiding why it doesn’t work - being Swedish has no biological component, being a woman does. Not the same, despite your multiple efforts. The former Nigerian’s “blackness” isn’t a problem because “whiteness” isn’t an essential component of beinf Swedish.


Seems like some folks do see some rather crucial biological differences when push comes to shove, too. See the marriage question.


Yes, emphasis on your “relevant” - which was no accident and is code for niche-focused academics (largely social scientists) who are not representative of the scientific community. They produce a lot of,self-reinforcing literature, but volume doesnt equate scientific validity in the wider field.

It’s misleading to suggest the field if Gender Studies professors is a benchmark for the scientific community. It isn’t so.

I’m familiar.

It’s using logic. Maybe it’s out of fashion, but I’m banking on a comeback.


In a specific scenario, no?


Actually, wait. How are some of you arguing we can’t see still use biological differences when you do it in your dating and marriages? What?


Well, it actually does. It is an ethnic group or at least part of an ethnic group. If someone wishes to focus on that aspect and insist that feeling Swedish requires Swedish genes, that is their prerogative. This goes for many European nations.


Because actually, no one said that.


You would date/marry trans? You said no, earlier. Am I confusing you with someone else? I admit it’s possible with this thread getting so busy. Is that the case?