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Gender Diversity in San Fran


In an attempt to curb bullying, educators in San Francisco are teaching in a curriculum that sometimes things do not turn out the way nature intended.

Children can now choose to be a boy, a girl, or both.




Underage trannies is a step to far, even for me.


America fukc ya!



Just one more step in the wrong that the pc have brought us. I'm not shocked at anything at this point. In fact, I expect more of this outlandish stuff as we move forward.


i thought i was a liberal, but this is just wierd


Wait, if it's not how nature "intended" it to be...why is it taught as a valid option? I thought that according to the hippie liberal whatever people, mother nature was queen and goddess?


According to these people, who says a queen or a goddess is a female?

I am so glad my tax dollars are going to subsidize this shit BTW.

All of you people who have not fallen victim to this Liberal bullshit, THIS is what happens when bat-shit crazy Lib-fucks take hold of government. We are now fighting to stop subsidizing sex-change operations for incarcerated prisoners, FML.


I do not know for sure , but I would bet that there is enough focus on this program , that it is run very well.
And if I were a parent ,I would watch it very closely.


So you're saying you don't think your wages should pay for serial killers' $100000+ penis removal surgery and hormone treatment? Fascist!


Yeah, why can't a queen be a boy??? Or why cant a dog be a cat? Come to think of it, im a chicken....sure if you look at me, im obviously a human, but if you dont recognize me as a chicken, you're the bigot and the one with the problem!!!


Moral Decay. This didn't happen when kids were taught right and wrong.


My sentiment exactly.


Equality and equivalence are 2 things liberals often confuse.


But, hey, gender diversity happens, dudes. So like, don't be BIGOTS (should always be capitalized). This is the future, and I had nothing to do with it. I'm not the weak-kneed progressive who kept chastising conservative over 'silly' slippery slope issues. Funny thing is, what I find most suprising about this is that anyone is suprised. Or, is suddenly coming up short in their liberalism. Own it, as you helped create it.


Wierd? This is the completely predictable conclusion of emasculated, weepy activist, liberalism. You guys made all the necessary arguments and justifications for stupidity such as this. This is your world now, so learn to love it.

I'm out until the next unsuprising conclusion of progressive thought hits the headlines. Then, yet again, I get to roll my eyes as resident libs and libertarians tell us what goes too far, what is too wierd.


Bah, humbug, you know the rule for libertarians.


Meh....nature/reality is a very broad spectrum. Education should reflect this IMO. Nothing controversial here.


A little goofy, to be sure.


One more step toward perversity, the ultra liberals should be jumping up and down.