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GenCon for Lonnie Lowry

Ah, sweet, sweet GenCon!! I went a few years ago with my gaming buddies to Wisconson for GenCon. They keep going every year. I keep accumulating small children (now 4 of them under 6) so I have not made the trek to Indy. Can’t wait to see the new toys they brought back at our Monday night D&D! What were some of the highlights of GenCon for you? My friends took some pictures, including various plump stormtroopers- my favorite is a picture of a food - egg, wrapped in sausage and then deep fried and served with ranch sauce for dipping!


dkells 1,

Just wanted to check and make sure that you knew the mechanism behind how you keep accumulating the small children. If not I’m sure the T-Nation could help with some recommendations to avoid it from happening so frequently. Just a thought. J/K.

Hehehe, yeah are you Catholic or something? Geez I thought having two in diapers was bad, you must be a bad-ass dad or something! :slight_smile: