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Gel vs Shots

Who prefers shots over gel?

I was using the gel, but got tired of
waiting for it to dry
not being able to sweat for 2-3 hours after

See Dr Crisler or get your Dr to prescribe the T cream from UCP. Apply to the forearms, dries in a minute, totally disappears, and absorbs like wild fire. If you want more info PM me.

A lot of people like the shots but I didn’t do well on them. I think I would have needed multiple injections per week. I’m doing much better on HCG and T cream.

I tried gels and didn’t absorb well, and tried Striant and kept swallowing them in the middle of the night.
For me shots are the best, I choose my own schedule and all my numbers are really good now too. Besides, I feel like I could beat a bear to death with my morning woodies. Enough said?

I would love to see Dr. Crisler, but the cost to get to his office is prohibitive for the initial visit…

Also, another reason for me switching was that the shots are costing me $20/year out of pocket compared to $500 for AGel.

I already have to do B12 injections, so whats one more stick?

I have been on androgel for 6 weeks and it drone my T down to 166 from an allready miserable 307… I start shots in a couple days, with HCG

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I prefer injections over Gel. When I was on Gel I read the warnings. I was not willing to put my wife and children at risk. Not to mention the waiting for it to dry. I was not willing to expose my wife and children to a possibility of them absorbing some of the Gel when they hugged me or if I got sweaty. It said that on the warning. So next time shots for me not Gel.