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Gel Vs. Pellet

I had my bloodwork done and my total T is 310, and my T3 was 2.9.

I’m 34 238lbs and @14% bodyfat. My doctor wants my T-levels between 700 and 1200 and T3 3.5-4.0 so he is prescribing armor thyriod and I have the chocie between a transdermal test gel and a pellet from www.hormonebalance.org Does anyone have experience with the pellet or recommentdations about which would be better to use.

Upon reading their presentation on the pellets the theroy of them seems good. However as is stated in the article they arent that well known in this side of the country at the current time. The gels seem to work sub par for most people.

Id personally look for another doctor that will prescribe cyp or enathate injections as from what I have read most people seem to have the best results with. Just my 0.02 cents as Im by no means an expert on this topic.