Gel vs Nebido Every 6 Weeks

I’m on Nebido 3 ml every 8 weeks. I feel ups and down and got offered either testogel or Nebido 2 ml every 6 weeks (I loose 11% T in total but be more even). At the end lf 8 weeks I’m at total T 22 (635). SHBG between 30 and 40.

What would you choose? Testogel does not appeal me too much because

  • Have to apply everyday
  • More conversion to DHT? More risk for baldness?
  • Variation during the 24h?
  • More?

What would you pick?

If you’re only losing like 11% - I think you would hardly notice and it’s mostly mental, but who am I to tell you how you feel.

If you’re that concerned about it though, have you considered increasing injection frequency to maybe 1x per month? Should help you level out.

I would love it I could even inject weekly but I cannot in this big brother country as Sweden. They just don’t trust individuals to self inject the state has to control everything

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Have you tried switching to Test E or Test C? I know nothing of Sweden’s pharma laws or anything so excuse me for any ignorance on the subject.

If I had to choose between Test U and Gel, it would be Test U hands down. Haven’t tried either, so take it with a grain of salt, but most people don’t go from injections to gel - it’s almost always from gel to injections.

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I think I ordered Test E from a UGL (under ground lab) that was located in Sweden once upon a time. Something I would think about if they wanted me to do a silly protocol like that.

I would do the gels over that TBH, but I’d probably just take things into my own hands (which is something I wish was legal).

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No test E or C here in Sweden. Feels like I’m in communist country where a few people decide that one treatement is best and that’s it. I don’t want to do any underground stuff so I’m stuck between these 2. Or move out haha

I’m leaning towards TE still. With a 6 week interval with 2 mL I expect my total test to go between 650 and 900 based on previous labs. That’s not so bad compared to when I had 4 mL every 10 weeks and I could reach 1200

Balance My Hormones in Dorset offers TRT in UK and Europe. Test C and E are available as well.

Thanks but they don’t sell T E or C in pharmacies in Sweden and getting it by mail even from Europe or UK is illegal even with prescription. They’re crazy here!

wtf. get in a car and travel to Europe and go pick it up bro. contact them anyways and just double check. maybe there is a way. just ask, they will help and worth with you. sounds like canada.

Im in France right now.
Customs more interested in confiscating ham sandwiches than pharmaceuticals :man_facepalming:

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