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Gel or Shots... Pellets Aren't Working


Hello, I'm new to the board and had a few questions. I'm 42 and have Low T (low 200's). I started off by giving myself injections weekly (Sept 2011) and got myself up to the Mid 500's. I was still seeing a spike in my mood and wanted something a little smoother, so I decided to try Testopel. I had 12 pellets implanted on Nov 1st and they haven't kicked in yet (I'm back to low 200's). My doc did a PSA and it came in around 3.2. Needless to say, he did a Prostate Biopsy, which ended up putting me in the hospital with Sepsis for a few days. Now I am trying to decide if I want to stay with the injections (stronger dose) or try the Androgel/Testim (which is way expensive). I am leaning towards the injections again as I know it will work. I know everyone is different, but I'm having a hard time deciding which way to go.


Action, I can speak from personal experience and say that, unequivocally, the injections are the best for me and many others.

What you need to discover, is what course works best for you. I would also suggest that you posts your numbers and what you were injecting and how often. The guys here are a great help but you need to give them the information.

Read up on the injections sticky and start with what's listed there as a baseline. Dial in your numbers and enjoy life once again!


My last T level was at 221 and that was about 4 weeks ago. I have only done one injection since then as my doc wanted to wait for the Bioplsy results (which was fine). Now he has doubled my dose to 1/2 mil (100MG) once a week. The bottle says 2,000mg/10ml. Before I was taking .5ml and the bottle said 1,000mg/5ml. So it is a stronger dose. My question is... How strong of a dose is that?


You took the same dose both times. (2,000mg/10ml=200mg/1ml) (1,000mg/5ml=200mg/1ml)
so each time you injected 1/2ml containing 100mg.



Thanks Mitch, I figured that out today. I'm kind of new to all of this. Is that a very big dose or should I be aksing my doc to increase. Do most people that do Testosterone Therapy use their Urologist to prescribe the treatment?


what are your E2 levels, DHT, thyroid, cortisol, etc.?


I had pellets for the first time 3 weeks ago. 12 pellets. I tried gels but was having absorption issues.
I feel my best on the pellets.
Libido is stable/
It took about 3 weeks to get to that, so it does take a few weeks.
I don't know my levels though, I will in a couple weeks


I have had all the blood work done, but don't know all the numbers. The docs said everything was fine except my T levels. I feel good for about 3 days after the injection and then start to go down again. I wish I could find a doc that would let me inject twice a week at smaller doses. I also just had an MRI of my Pituitary and it came back fine. What are most people prescribed for injections? How much? Thanks


somewhere around 50mg T-CYP E3D is the standard starting dose.


I am injecting 100MG of Testosterone CYP once a week. I am also seeing a different doctor tomorrow who specializes in HRT. Not real sure what he will prescribe. Just seems like I should be taking something else or doing two injections a week.


They also have me using a 3ml 21G 1.5 needle. Does that seem to big for the dose? Should I be using a 1ml for the injection?


Use a 29/30 gauage 1/2" insulin pin


It's crazy what doctors suggest you use when they are not sticking themselves - I had a doctor prescribe those syringes for EOD HCG injections which are water based. It's important to ask for what you want

Most pharmacies will sell you a syringe with a 21g needle to draw the oil out then switch the needle to a 1in 25 gauge to do the injection. The new tip will be very sharp ( pushing it through the rubber stopper dulls it significantly) and will slide in much much easier. Once you try this you will be upset that you ever did it any other way. And heaven forrbid you re-use a needle - might as well stab yourself with a nail.

Also from what your numbers were before, 50mg every 3 days as suggested will likely get you into the 6-700 range if everything else is the same.


And then once you figure out you are still jamming yourself with a 25 gauage incher, when a 29/30 gauage half inch insulin pin would have worked just as well, you will REALLY be upset that you did it any other way.


i've tried IM and SQ.... and I have to be honest that I seem worse off on SQ. IM just seems to work better for me. I don't have tests to prove it, just my subjective self evaluation. But each person is different so many others could be just fine on SQ.

the smallest 1" IM needle I can find is 26 guage (I think).


I am new to the board so excuse me if I don't have all the protocols Down yet. I am closing in on 70 and have suffered from severe ED for 15 years as a consequence of diabetes (19 years). For the past year, I noticed my T levels were ranging in the high 200s to low 300s. Although my Endo thought the levels were ok for my age, I decided to go to a Uro to see if TRT would help my ED problem.

The Uro agreed to prescribe Testim 1% gel which I started in June. Earlier this month, my blood test came back showing a T level of 765. Although my libido is up considerably, my ED has not improved. I solved my ED situation with Trimix injections. In this regard, I am using a 31 gauge, 1/2 inch insulin syringe. I was wondering if T injections require a bigger gauge and longer needle?


Your needle is fine as long as you are fairly lean and can hit the muscle with half inch. Deltoids and quads are the easiest spots. Some of the more adventerous guys also hit triceps, biceps, calves, and lats, but I'm not quite that progressive.

I'm interesting in hearing more about this Trimix though....


some do fine on SubQ injections with short needles. I personally feel that SubQ does not work for me. Might be the same for others.


Trimix is a compounded mix, primarily PGE-2, which is injected into the cc of the penis. It is prescribed to guys suffering from severe ED and when the correct dosage is determined by trial and error, it provides a 1.5 hour hard erection. However, if you over dose it can last for over 4 hours and you go to the ER to seek relief.

I read in another thread that subcutaneous injections of T sometimes result in more consistant and level results.


Can I re-use the 22G 1 inch needle I am using to fill the syringe? I only have a few of those. I am just using that needle to fill the Syringe.