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Gel Application Areas: Why Avoid Arms/Shoulders?

Androgel says arms/shoulders and Fortesta says thighs and not to apply to arms/shoulders. Has anyone seen any actual explanation as to why? My insurance has jacked me back and forth between these two several times but I want to know why they differ in their application areas. It pisses me off that they never explain why. Is it because that’s the only areas they decided to spend money testing it?

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My only guess is That arms and shoulders have a higher chance of transferring it to another person/animal. There is probably no difference in absorption between the two areas.

Save your time and money. We’ve all been there done that. Nobody gets optimized with Androgel.

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Androgel is garbage, it belongs in the garbage. It’s by far the most ineffective TRT option out there other than pellets. If you must be on topicals because you’re terrified of needles, scrotal T cream is the way to go. The injectable testosterone is the most effective option hands down.

Let’s compare androgel to T cream, androgel is 1.62% testosterone, T cream is 200mg/20% testosterone. The skin on the testicles is 6x thinner than anywhere else on the body.

Thanks for attempting to answer the original question. I’ve noticed that most here don’t .
BTW, I have just switched to Cypionate injections. My first injection was Tuesday and I’ll be doing 2x per week SubQ as per the article on this site by TC Luoma. I was only started out with 100mg per week though so we’ll see how that goes. I have quite a bit of gel left though.