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Gel and Injections Not Boosting Testosterone


Hi. I am new the forum.

Fibromyalgia patient, Hypothyroid, no sex drive at all. Can get erections but not due to anything visual. I get them briefly when I wake up and occasionally during a massage or something, but not long and they don't last. Haven't had sex with my wife for 7 months plus, and really have zero desire. Sleep apnea machine also.

I am overweight, but it's almost all in my gut. The rest of me, my arm size, leg size, or anything else is not overweight. Struggle to lose weight in my gut and with digestive issues. My energy levels are so low and I have a lot of brain fog..hard to work at all.

Anyway, I had testosterone cream for a while and it never worked. So my medical doctor put me on testosterone injections. I received a normal dose every 3 weeks, then every 4 weeks due to high blood pressure. I split it up and did 1/2 the dose every 2 weeks. I just found out 4 or 5 months ago my testosterone was at 193, after a year of injections.

That's older than the low end 95 year old man! Granted, it was at the end of two weeks, but still. I am getting tested again in about 5 days and want to see how I am not at the end of two weeks, but after 4 or 5 days.

Do you think this is not working due to my estrogen levels, or something related to my thyroid? I think I might ditch my medical doctor and go to someone who is a biomedical hormonal doctor who specializes in testosterone and thyroid issues. Any advice is appreciated? I am curious if anyone else was not help by injections.