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So simple a caveman could do it.


what's with the che picture?


He looks like a caveman from the commercial.


Was that before or after the exostential meltdown?


I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now.


Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the rock this morning.


"At a time when the enemy is increasing their aggressiveness, even the suspicion of treason could not be tolerated." - written in Che's diary on the day he personally conducted his first execution. Funny how the people who love Che could be so critical of the Patriot Act.



So true.


Hey guys! Great news - Linda and I are getting back together.


My mother's calling I'll put it on speaker...


Does having Geico insurance make me less of a caveman?


I like pancakes!




The world is a vampire.


I am going to type something completely random now.


this thread deserves 50 stars


Don't do drugs.Let the drugs do you.


minty sweet, minty sweet!... oh, wrong commercial :frowning:


The Caveman sitcom premiered on ABC 2 nights ago, 8pm EST. Anyone catch it? I was disappointed :frowning: The commercials are better.

Was full of jokes about black guys dating white women, just the black guys in this case were cavemen.

Loved the characters, but the writing wasn't that great.


Reality is for people who can't handle drugs...