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Gegard Mousasi


Mousasi will move up in weight....say fuck Fedor...and then beat him. That is all..lol.


Damn commentator: "GAY GUARD"


You could tell it was pissing him off everytime they said GAY-gard, and righfully so.


yeah i noticed the look on his face too


did you notice the look on Sobral's face? That was some fine camera work..lol.


Does not compute.


who else does strikeforce have too put in there with mousasi? I think hes fighting sokodjou in dream next which could be more one sided than tonights fight.



=) Definitely worth more than a thousand words.


I've been on the Mousasi bandwagon for awhile now. He is a straight up killer with above average talent in every facet of the game. I also dig the, "I just got out of bed" look he sports to the staredown.


I have a new favorite LHW. The dude was like a terminator in there! An Armenian version of Fedor.


I haven't watched the fight, but I'm guessing this means my boy did well! F yes! I've liked Mousasi since I first saw him fight in the Dream Middle Weight Grand Prix. Bad-ass!


Scariest thing is he's 24 years old. On another note I want Gus Johnson fired and replaced with Bas, he's horrible.



Thanks Fenkis! That was one bad ass knock-out!