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Geekylifts: 10,000 Kettle Bell Swings


Dan John's 10,000 kettle bell swing challenge.

Log so far in reverse order:

R 10/10 - 30lbs, none, 50 mins (with pee break)
W 10/09 - 25lbs, pullups (+2 extra), PR 42mins (!!!)
T 10/08 - off (1 tabata, 70% of ab ripper X)
M 10/07 - 25lbs, barbell strict presses, 50 mins
S 10/06 - 25lbs, goblet squats, time N/A (workout with bf)
S 10/05 - off
F 10/04 - 25 lbs, nothing, 40 mins,
R 10/03 - 25 lbs, pull/chin ups, 51 mins,
W 10/02 - off
T 10/01 - 25 lbs, one arm dumbbell overhead, 47 mins,
M 09/30 - 25lbs for first 2 clusters, 20lbs for 3 (or 2?) clusters - 33 mins (impossible - must have been 4 clusters total); diamond pushups

114-116lbs, 5 foot 1 female, deadlift 1RM: 183lbs (goal: twice bodyweight before graduation), max 6 strict pullups in one set (goal: muscle up before graduation), max 9 neutral chin ups in one set (goal: 10), beginner squatter (goal: thinking about it), pendlay barbell row 3RM: 88lbs, overhead strict press 2RM: 63lbs (may be a bit more, can't recall). The "3lbs" is because I am using the smaller 33lbs barbell (grip makes all the difference).


S 10/12 - 25lbs, 35lbs goblet squats (wanted to die); 1hr 8 mins (workout with bf)
F 10/11 - off (really off!)


W 10/16 - 30 lbs, no lift, 48 mins, was going for time, weird thoughts about something odd like switching to 25lbs started floating around, but I cursed profusely and made it all the way with 30lbs.
T 10/15 - 25 lbs, diamond pushups, 45mins, felt like I can kill anything afterwards
M 10/14 - OFF (I hate days off, but this challenge makes them… ok…)
S 10/13 - 25lbs, pullups, 51 mins, so &@#& hard


10/25 F - 25lbs, 43 lbs OHP (clean from floor), 48 mins (3 mins to pee!!)
10/24 R - OFF
10/23 W - 30lbs, none, probably 50-55mins
10/22 T - 25lbs, pullups, 1hr 4mins (coached friend on OHP and deadlift)
10/21 M - walked about 60 mins on treadmill
10/20 S - 25lbs, 43lbs OHP (clean from floor), 1hr 5mins, spotting bf
10/19 S - 25lbs, 40lbs goblet squats, 1hr 4mins, spotting bf
10/18 F - OFF (1 tabata)
10/17 R - OFF


T 10/29 - 25lbs, 40 lbs goblet squats, 50 mins
M 10/28 - 25lbs, pullups, 48 mins
S 10/27 OFF
S 10/26 - 25lbs, 40lbs goblet squats, 1hr 5 mins (spotting bf)


10,000 kettle bell swings DONE!

No gloves, 25lbs bell (with lift) or 30lbs bell (when no lift), did 2 days on, 1 day off (with one exception), no weight loss because I have been unfortunately stress eating due to two big deadlines, but I am getting it under control now. Pullups/chin ups not weighted, but used body weight (no support). Found that I needed a longer rest before the 50’s sets, and I didn’t need very long rest after the 50, before I start the 10 again. Did 1-2-3 reps for all lifts. Definitely much much harder when doing fasted. Felt like I can kill anything after most workouts!


I started this today. I just did the swings. 24kg bell. I like the idea of smashing one movement for a month so it’s completely ingrained. Had to split the 50s into 2 x 25s. Grip was failing in fifth round. 40:59. I had no need for gloves at this stage. I’m not a fan of fasting so won’t be doing that!
I used to struggle with hip drive on barbell cleans. I think this programme may address that issue…