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Geek S**T The SIXTH


The other thread got full...so, Captain America is out.

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Geek S**T 10^n^(e^(i*pi)+1)

Fuck DC, Go Marvel!!


Longest running semi-productive thread series here.

Good stuff!


Hey Wol and RSGZ got a Mic and XBox live, now just have to buy Black ops.
Screen name is Djhtimbs.



Latest MK Character Freddy Kruger


Posted on the Cap thread but I will repost here as well Cap's Avenger's costume looks like similar to his Ultimates outfit with the helmet as well as the 90's SAWT USAgent costume


saw capt america this weekend... i think it was really well done and the characters didn't seem "larger than life" as some comic films tend to make them out... acting was well done and not cheesy, costume was well designed, storyline was solid, CGI was kept to a minimum... overall i really enjoyed it and is prolli as good as ironman, maybe slightly behind it...

also the preview for the amazing spiderman was pretty good and the avengers movie preview (end of the film) looks like it has potential...


I have to say i think the new Spiderman will suck. I thought the old ones sucked too, but this new one looks awful.

Immortals looks entertaining.


Coolness. I just posted in the other thread that Mortal Kombat has created some cool new characters. PSN has them on sale for 4.99 each.

I downloaded "Rain" and so far he isn't a wasted purchase.

Assassin's Creed also has new downloadable maps and missions that expand the game. PSN has many for free.


I have to disagree about Spiderman...mostly because this is the spiderman that Stan Lee wanted. They went back to the webshooters (something they erased in the latest movies) and took him back to being a kid.

My guess is, they are putting him into the whole Marvel world with these. In the Ultimate comics, Parker is still in high school...but he has much contact with Nick Fury.

Spiderman also later becomes and Avenger around the time that Luke Cage does.


I think if the story is done well, it could be alright, but the trailer didn't impress me. And I hope none of the movie is shot from his perspective like in the trailer- that was just nauseating.


yea it seems like a decent reboot... hopefully they concentrate more on the storyline and less on shoving as many characters in the movie as possible... i like the prequel angle they took and it seems a bit darker, less hollywood than the previous ones (if that makes more sense)...

and i agree the FP preview shots were nauseating in the theater... esp the 3-d one...



You hear that X? It's the sound of the XBOX knocking on your door. You're next.


For fucks sake.......right when I cancelled my xbox live subscription. Let us know when you can play and we'll find you.

This weekend maybe?


I agree... when I first heard about this reboot I was bummed but now that I've seen the trailer I'm actually excited about it. I am REALLY GLAD that they brought back the web shooters. Some of my favorite spiderman memories as a kid were when he would run out of web mid swing and then wondering "Oh no! How's he gonna survive!?!?" lol and every time he managed it. Classic!

EDIT: I really hope they have once scene like that in the movie.


I'm considering jumping on the XBox bandwagon soon. What's the word on the Kinect? I saw a dance game that looked like a lot of fun, so I'm thinking of splurging a bit. Advice welcomed.


I just want to point out that a great opportunity was missed.

This could have been Geek Shit the SiXth.

At least the tenth one should be:

Geek Shit: X


Kinect is great if you have a large enough room to use it in. Still a little delayed, but the improvements will come next year (and I'm guessing they will be software based, since the device runs at 1/4 of the it's capable resolution at the moment). Improving that should improve accuracy and allow up to 4 people to play at a time (again, you'll need the space!).

Other than that, the fall update is supposedly going to replace certain set-top boxes that cable companies offer and you'll be able to watch cable TV through the XBOX. That is, if MS comes to some agreement with the network(s).

That will make it THE home entertainment console to own.


Maybe. I never know what the weekend holds with the wife. I still have to get black ops.


Only if they get a blue ray player and include the XBox live in the TV package.