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Damn...so soon?

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Playing my way through this game and it's awesome! They've improved almost everything from the previous game (which is hard to do since it was so good to begin with). The fighting is better and more varied, getting around the city is tons of fun, and the story is still great.

More importantly,went to the midnight release and won a free t-shirt and a poster. B


Geez, I done kil't the last thread. Repost of thread-ender item:

Have you guys seen this commercial yet?

I don't have a Playstation, but I recognize most of the characters. Still thought it was a pretty cool concept for a commercial.

Also thought it was funny/interesting that Kratos seems to be the only CGI'd human (I'm like 90% sure it's CGI and not a real guy. The lighting on him seems weird). As if they couldn't possibly have found anyone that size to just stand there and nod.


Kratos would have been a hard choice though. I actually like that they did that because I have a strange feeling we may be getting a movie eventually out of it...and now no one has gotten into the shoes at all yet.

The guy they got to play Cole from Infamous was spot on though.


How I see 2011 teenagers with super powers Really acting.


Ha. That was pretty interesting.


^ That does look pretty interesting.


That looks cool.


All of the voice work in the commercial was done by the voice actors from the games, and the actual actors in the commercial were voiced over.

Also, it was probably cheaper to CGI Kratos then to do the make-up required on a real actor.


Ditto, not feeling the possibility of alien technology being the origin of their powers though.


^ I just like the idea. Remember the old "What If " comics. Well what if ultimate power was given to a bunch of teenagers. That thought can be scary as hell.


Looks like this movie's got some potential.


Unlike Andrew, I would have been throwing cars into lakes immediately.



Like I said, the next version of the Xbox, the "Xbox Next" is rumoured to be revealed at E3 in 2013.

"Develop reports that the console is scheduled for 2013 according to processor chip manufacturers and middleware firms that the site spoke to off the record. Develop suggests the console will be unveiled at E3 2013, months before its release. Lionhead studios are reportedly working on a project named ?Fable Next? which will launch on the Xbox Next. Epic Games? new Unreal Engine is also expected to be made available for the Xbox Next. The latest rumors come just weeks after a number of Microsoft employees revealed their work on Xbox Next."


Also on that Arkahm City, it's eating away my life. Everything is tweaked and improved but I miss the ability to throw people



Punisher televsion show this has fail written all over it, part of what makes Frank Frank is the death of his family this guy is just a cop who decides to be judge jury and executioner


I was thinking the same thing. It was my favourite comic growing up, and it sucks to see such a great character ruined time after time.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of another comic brought to film or tv as badly.


You're probably right. However, a gritty Dexter-style Punisher series with Castle as a law-abiding but disillusioned cop who indulges his need for justice by becoming a vigilante off the clock could work.

Things could get interesting if he is tasked with capturing himself.

I don't think that's what they have in mind though. And why the heck have Marvel sold off the rights so soon after regaining them, and to Fox? They'd better not be planning to do the same with Blade...


Agreed. Castle is insane. They keep fucking up by trying to make him a "hero". he is an anti-hero at best. He no longer does this even for retribution. He does it because he sees himself as vengeance. He will leave mafia brain matter over as many household appliances as possible.

He would be arrested in put on death row if ever caught.


Ghost Rider.