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Is this game all you suckas say it is?

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If there is one thing you can count on in this dreadful Obama economy, it is the fact that video games such as Halo 4 still represent the absolute best buck for your entertainment dollar because they are relatively cheap and very immersive. I preordered Halo 4 a really long time ago, it seems, and I have been wringing my hands (and my Cheetos-stained fingers) perpetually since then.

At long last, this game that defines the very best in the much-heralded genre of the RPG puzzler is out, and so am I! While hardcore Xbox 360 fanboys such as myself will of course be both disillusioned and disappointed that Halo 4 still does not measure up to Elf Bowling 1 and 2 (but, of course, which game these days can?!), we still appreciate the effort that the Halo 4 team put into this highly original game that was never, ever done before (if you don't count versions 1, 2 and 3, that is).

As with the previous Halo 4 installments, you are permitted by the developers to play as Master Chef and Master Chef Jr., two characters that will go down in history as two of the awesomest characters to ever grace an RPG puzzler like this. As Master Chef, you have to traverse a monstrous landscape and battle map that, simply put, is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

You have to, get this, use your very high-tech weapons to shoot down as many ducks as you possibly can, and this objective gets very, very hard to do after a while, no matter how slowly the ducks first fly across your screen. I do believe that this is the single-biggest reason why Halo 4 will never, ever reach the levels of absolute awesomeness that both Elf Bowling 1 and 2 occupy; Halo 4 is just too hard, sometimes!

Of course, Master Chef's loyal dog, Fido, is always at the bottom of the screen, helpfully pointing out where the ducks are so that your chances of actually successfully shooting them down increases. Good dog, Spot!

In sum, please go out and buy yourself Halo 4 right now. I know this Obama economy has barely created any private sector jobs, and you're likely on food stamps as I type this at this moment, but take heart: It's less than 60 bucks! As for me, while I may never lose my virginity because I play video games so much, I've made peace with that since I have now discovered that playing video games is the best feeling in the world, not having sex with a live, breathing female.


What was the name of the thread with everyones playstation gamertag? Or was it part of one of the older geek threads, I can't remember.


LOL did you just turn this into a PWI game review? GTFO Economy and shit lol


I play games and enjoy sexy womenz.

Why no u?


Lol its HoustonGuy dont worry.


HAHA I didnt even catch that i stopped reading at "obama economy and food stamps"
Chicks and video games are not mutually exclusive if you didnt know


It is to some people.



Aaaaah... I see...


:slightly_smiling: Nice GIF

What about Far Cry 3?

I just got an email from IGN with a review, something very satisfying about killing people a machete.


Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I loved the last Far Cry although the side missions seemed quite repetitive.

I'm tempted to get Nbr 3. I saw a couple of trailers but haven't read any review yet. Does it come with multiplayer? Not sure I'll find the time to play all these games, lol. I haven't even started with AC3 yet. Lol.


Yes the multiplayer was average it said and the coop, but they gave very high marks for the campaign, I will try to link it.



I'll check it out.


I play Civ Iv a lot. Downloaded a pretty good mod for it and it made the game about 100x more fun.

Other than that I've not gotten into the "next gen" of games. My son took the 360 into his room a couple years ago and I haven't seen a console game since.


I'm waiting for the day when consoles just die once and for all. Computers have made them completely obsolete IMO.


The last Madden they made for computer was 08. I still play it. There is a healthy MOD community for that game as well.


No way, some of us do not want to sit at a computer chair, I can sit on my leather couch with a 50 inch plasma and surround sound and play for hours.


Your setup is lacking then friend! You can do that with a computer too. And with multiple large screens. It is more of a pain in the ass to set up though I guess.