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Geek S**T NUMBER 5


Other thread is done so I'll start this one with Captain America.

I'll link the other threads later.

Geek S**T 10^n^(e^(i*pi)+1)

Oh no you di'int. You just wanted to start one DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH, HUH?

All that chicken breast make a brother go crazy, HUH?

This is some bullshit.


Anyone watching being human? It was an awesome BBC program that sci fi took and is doing an ok job with it. The story involves a werewolf, a vampire and a poltergeist that are trying to live a normal life and be human. The actress who plays Annie the ghost, played by Lenora Chrichlow is a Hottie and prettier than the girl in the American version. If you have netflix you can see the first two seasons and if you have cable when season 3 starts up here they might play the first two again.

Also no geeks excited about they eyephone comin to verizon? All I've been asked for years is when will Verizon get the eyephone and now that its coming no one on t nation is talking about it??


so uh how bout that iphone?


I saw the first season of the BBC version and loved it. Never saw another episode after that.


Anybody played Dead Space II yet? I need to get my hand on a real ripper.


I'm kickin eerrbody's ass in this thread.

fuckin geeks


You sparkle so bright, Ct.Rock.




I took a look at the american version recently. Seemed somewhat interesting. Of course, the vampires suffer from "twilight syndrome" in that not only are the super fast strong and handsome, but nothing happens to them in the light. Wut.

Also, Deus Ex Human Revolution:

One thing I hate about T-Nation technically is that you can't fullscreen the embedded videos.

Also Captain America trailer during the superbowl.

Also, Young Justice looks pretty decent.

Yeah that's all I've got right now.


Deus Ex is gonna rock. Can't wait!


Why would anyone get a Macbook over a high end laptop? I'm curious because I'm shopping for a laptop to use in college.


I bling, you see?


Team Rock or Team Wol

You decide.


Only to be cooler than someone else.

Seriously, they pose nothing over a good PC laptop.

What have you been looking at?

I can make a few suggestions.


Agreed. With apple products, you basically paying a couple hundred more for the prettiness.

From what I understand HP laptops (what I have) suck as far as reliability goes, and Asus rocks. Just something to keep in mind. You DON'T want you computer monitor (or any other part for that matter) dying on you when you need to get shit done.


Laptop between 300-1,000 U.S. Dollars.


I have an HP which has served me very well for nearly 3 years now. You generally won't go wrong with Asus, Samsung, Toshiba and HP laptops.

If I was to spend a $1000, like I said in another thread, I've get this:

Lowest spec while being able to watch HD porn:



Also, the general advantage I always considered for Macbooks was battery life.

I've got 2 Macbook Pro 15's at work, and they both have about an hour in battery life over a Toshiba 17" working on the same processes.

I think Apples claims of battery life are vastly over-exaggerated, unless both the brand new Macbooks are fucked.


Are any of the newer FF's worth playing?