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Geek S**T Generation 2.0


Money, money, money.

Geek S**T 10^n^(e^(i*pi)+1)

Getting it on Blu-ray today.

I love blu-ray. I love 1080P.


I second that...I will be seeing a second time at IMAX as well.


Oh,and Wolverine trailer premieres in front of Day The Earth Stood Still this Friday.


Any thoughts of getting a PS3 vs. stand alone player?


I like sushi?


Not taking any chances. Picked up the Blu-Ray at Target on the way to work this morning.


I noticed that during the commercial last night. I don't think I have time to see it this weekend, but I think I might have to make a trip down to the theater in the next week or so to see that.


PS3 hands down. It is another computer. I can now surf the web in high def on a big screen.



Do you know what thread you are in?



I see Amazon here is doing the same package, might just pick up the DVD.


Yep, besides the Blu-Ray and ability to play games, the PS3 can be updated via the web and has many other useful and interesting features that stand-alone players do not have.


Professor X,

I do know what thread I am in. I was joking a bit. Sorry. I'm getting the dvd this evening. Why so serious? Again...another joke.


I saw an article ranking the top Blu-Ray players and not only was the PS3 the top ranked player, but it was also the least expensive (or tied for the least expensive) of the ranked players. Plus, you get the gaming platform. We'll be getting one...eventually.


Not to mention streaming movies and music and such. I plan on getting a decent receiver with speaker setup to finally have my complete "PS3 entertainment media center."


This is where we talk role-playing games and stuff, right?

I was a regular player at a comic shop in town. Over the years we'd play a bunch of stuff. DC Heroes, AD&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Rifts. Anyone else?

My favorite character was for Vampire, an 8th Generation Ravnos named Jared. Those were good times.


Like you, I'm considering the PS3 as well. I will probably get one when I move into a new apartment next year. Then it'll be lots and lots of Madden and Rock Band.


100 pages on and only now you profess your geekiness?


Terminator Salvation.....Japan trailer:

Let me know if you have to pick your jaw off the floor like I did...especially the end of the trailer.


Eh, I'm still a semi-closet geek. Forgive my reluctance.

But on the original topic, I'd vote for the above clip to possibly be the best fight scene ever.