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After Earth.

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The Dead

Possibly one of the most realistic zombie movies made so far.


I thought this was still due to come out for some reason, the trailer looked epic.

That's movie viewing sorted for tonight.


Havent seen yet but will try tonight. Although 28 days later so seems the most realistic for me. I guess it technically isnt zombie movie but close enough.


After the events of Spider Island comes the Scarlet Spider, Kaine one of the Jackels failed clones has been healed and no longer dying. Kaine knows it's time to get out of dodge due to the deaths and not so stand up things he rolls a few mafia guys and heads out to Mexico where he can spends his days drinking tequila and chasing mamasitas. Instead he runs into some supervillain trouble and decides to be a hero.

Kaine is NOT Peter Parker he does not have Peter's sense of responsibility or his relationships that have kept him Peter grounded, Kaine is a bad man who has done bad things. Also as a result of the clone degeneration being cured he has been powered up and doesn't quite no his limits, as seen when he saves and old woman from an 18 wheeler and nearly kills the driver by accident.

This is a book is a new take on the Scarlet Spider not the Ben Reilly/Spider-Man clone from the 90's. Check it out first two issues are out and are very cool


Have you seen this, and if so would you give a review?


Robert A


He did in one of the movie threads.

I have it in queue for Netflix because of it.


Very authentic in that it focuses on the human interactions between only a couple of people. At the beginning, all I was thinking was, this is "Dawn of the Dead Part 2". It slows down just a bit in the middle, but after watching it all of the way through, I understand their goal was to show more of a human side to what would be going on in your head if you actually had it in you to survive that long.


This starts off focusing on soldiers or people who think like one. There is no "zombie housewives" story line here like on Walking Dead. You may shed a tear for the old woman who is dying....but you don't pause to slice her head off when she changes.

Romero would be proud. These are the slow moving zombies, but the sheer numbers of them is what does you in. They don't say it in the movie, but in the deleted scenes, they do let on that it is not a "virus" and that anyone who dies comes back, even if by natural causes.

This was blood, head shots and body parts getting chopped off in a desert with guns and real scenes that have you on edge even in the day time.

This should have been in the theaters but it lacks big names and huge CGI effects.

It does NOT lack good acting. Both main characters really pulled their weight...and they left it wide open at the end for a sequel with a different focus.

This was hard to watch at times because they do try to get you emotionally invested in the characters and what is going on.

It worked.

Watch it....even if you don't like zombie movies.


This does sond very early Romeroesque until he lost his edge in Day Land and Survival(I liked Diary except for the ant-military slant). As probably the biggest zombie fan on the site I will have to look for this on DVD


Hmmmmm I bet X is bigger than you. :slight_smile:

You got Netflix Kev?


X is bigger taller and muscular(I bet I beat him in bodyfat) but as far as zombies go, my old man had a friend who had Super 8 copies of movies and a big screen(this was when VHS was too expensive; yep I'm that old).

Well anyway the old man's friend would come over the house with his movies and screens and I remember I was like 4-5 and he showed me Night and it fucked me up, to this day Night is the only movie I can't watch without getting a chill. Yes I have Netflix and am enjoying it with my wifi blu ray and LED TV; currently going through season 6 of Supernatural


I was just reading some good things about this movie the other day. Freaked me out a little, because I went to high school with a dude named Prince Osei. Turns out it's not the same guy. Ha.

I just found that it's available on Youtube's 48 hour pass for $4. I've never watched a movie through Youtube like that, but I'll probably try it this weekend.



I'm intrigued on the movie but terrified of m night shamonusforwatchinghisshitagain.


....Oh, and if you do watch it, the whole message seemed to be "Timbu".




Cool. Will check this out.

I read Joe Wade version years ago. I loved his cyber costume :slight_smile:

It'd be interesting to see what Kaine has to offer.


Since you guys are talking about Netflix at the moment, would anyone mind recommending some dvds?


Will Smith has signed on for I Am Legend 2:

He intends to reprise his role as Robert Neville in a non prequel-shaped sequel. No word yet on how they intend to revive the character after he contracted a grenade-shaped bout of terminal death in the first movie.


Smith's version sucked it was too much like a regular zombie film, the appeal to I Am Legend and Omega Man was the infected talk and fuck with Neville, too bad becasue Smith is a great actor he just got a shit film


I loved Matheson's novel. A ground-breaking take on the vampire myth reduced to an unoriginal, pedestrian story populated by mute CGI ghouls. They just about got the dog right, which is good going considering it was penned by the guy who shat on some blank A4 and handed it in as the Batman & Robin script..