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Geek + Art + Mario = ?


Some impressive Geekage there.


Very cool.

How do you find this stuff first thing in the morning?


I honestly want to know how much time someone spends on something like that...They probably could have cured cancer by now


RS, I ask him all the time how he finds this stuff ... apparently he's talented. I still think there's more behind it, but whatever. Still some cool stuff. Except for Guido Beach, that was horrifying.


RSGZ and Polo77j:

Through various friends with diverse interests I get forwarded all kinds of stuff. Plus I check some other forums (but don't post, my loyalty is to the nation of course).

It's now got the point where youtube "suggests" lots of crazy stuff for me. I don't even need to search stuff.

Another thing that yields some interesting results is clicking on related videos a million times.

You should see the stuff I don't post.


Awesome! One of the best games ever, too.


Maybe you should post the stuff we don't see...


That was very odd, cool... odd


OK Polo, and for you too RSGZ.

Auto-Tune News: The best kind.

Say what?


Haha, crazy shit.

Keep 'em coming.


that beatboxer was awesome ... that news one was pretty damn funny .. good stuff swiss


You asked for it.

Do you want to be huggably soft?

So wrong...So wrong.

Excited for WNBA?


God I love when people mock the WNBA, its a personal favorite of my group of friends.

heres some more in that vain.



But I could only watch 1:30min of it... I can't watch the whole thing... Anyone actually bored enough to sit through the whole video?


I seen a lot of beat box vidz on the interweb... This asian dude is damn good.