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Gears of War the Movie: Casting


This is only for fans of Gears of War please. I have been idly thinking about who could star in a possible GOW movie (they must make one, if GOW 3 is as huge as I think it will be). So, only BBs would suffice. Not Toby McGuire etc

Help me out

1st: I think Vic Martinez should be Dom. They both have the same sort of soft/nondescript face. Pretty much a huge latino is about right.

Oh and ProfX for Coletrain?


Damn straight , there arent any cogs who are skinny in the game even most of the civilians are cut and lean. too bad it will never fly in hollywood and we will probably get stuck with another pretty boy for lead role.


I thought you were gonna say filming had started.

This film could be awesome if they do it.


Lester Speight voices Cole, and it's been said he'll be reprising the role in the movie.


I approve of Lester Speightfor Cole, being English obviously had never heard of him before.

That said, Cole and Jace Stratton will be some relatively easy roles to cast: there's loads of top BBs who are black/mixed-race.

How about Baird? I always felt he looks classically Germanic. Arnold in his prime would have been ideal! Maybe Andreas Frey with a blond hairstyle?


Terry Crews for Cole?


Terry crews? fuk that u dneed colleman for that vein :slightly_smiling:


The Rock.


OMG! A Gears of War movie, how lame.


BB's can't act. Would be a bag of shit lol


What a stupid thing to say. How the fuck would you know?

Also, they'd only need about 6-10 guys who are serious about weight training who can act AS COGS. Obviously you have not played Gears of War. This is not Othello. It's fucking blatant- huge bastards fighting a space war, all-action, chainsawing aliens heads off.

I am quite sure that even if 'most' BBers cannot act, producers could at least find 6-10 suitable guys who can convey the necessary emotions of anger/heroism.

Now please go back to where you were previously and keep your negativity to yourself. Like I said, please do not respond if you are not a fan of Gears of War.

On the positive side, I think The Rock would be a good fit for Tae. Tae seemed Kiwi/Samoan and I think The Rock's mum was Samoan? Anyway he was good in Welcome to The Jungle.


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Acting is about a lot more than portraying emotion. Fight choreography is a whole lot more in depth than posing on stage; and not breaking character during long extended scenes, even if that character isn't 'emotionally deep' takes skill. Pro Wrestlers(the entertainment kind) actually do a form of acting for a living, and even most of them are fucking awful at actual big screen acting in the cheesiest action flicks imaginable. Dwayne Johnson and Arnold are exceptions, not the rule.


Yeah to a certain extent I do agree with you. FWIW I don't actually think Arnie was a good 'actor'- he never had to stretch himself really. He had great personal charisma, that helped bring life to his characters.

All I expect from this film (which is apparently in some form of development) is explosions, simulated warfare. I'll watch it on a big screen when it comes out, with popcorn. They can have a few 'real actors' doing roles like Marcus' dad or something.


Marzouk out again

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I'm not sure but her name is Holly Michaels.


Someone really needs to start a thread on why unnaturally jacked guys are not necessarily (or ever) good actors.



Someone really needs to start a thread on why unnaturally jacked guys are not necessarily (or ever) good actors.



i dont want to see a live action gears of war movie, id rather see a polished up version of the game graphics used. also i was hoping to see a thread of people excited for the new game not this....