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Gears of War 3 - out Sep 20th


By popular demand. Will be awesome!

Lambent look like they were be interestingly mutated. New grubs and i'm sure there'll be lots of added things that made the first 2 games so good

Horde 2.0 looks amazing also! I got quite addicted to old Horde, my girlfriend loved it too so that was even better


I'm excited about it, although I won't be playing until next Summer (when I go back home on holidays).

I can't wait to listen to the soundtrack, because if it's half as good as GOW2's oneit will be amazing!
Steve Jablonsky is the man.


Bring it on!!!!!! Yeeeeaaaaaahh!!


Gears 2 campaign was a let down. This one looks much better. Can't wait for 4-player Co-Op.


Meh I'll get it when it hits $20. Overrated series IMO, fun, but overrated.


Already pre-ordered... can't wait for it!!

Horde 2.0 does look pretty fucking awesome


Because no multiplayer?


Shit loads of multiplayer in this game. I think its a bit to manly for Soulja's delicate constitution.

I'm a huge fan of the series although


You can actually pick up the first two and the multiplayer packs in a game bundle for about $25 right now @ gamestop. Good investment



BadDog108 bitches.


Don't mind Pootie, he's just tired of vanilla and is showing his homosexual tendencies via Gears 3.

Gears 1 was ok and Gears 2 was meh so I'm not in a rush to get Gears 3. Especially with Saint's Row 3, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3 coming out soon.

Horde mode is the only reason to buy this (IMO) so I can wait for a price drop. Which will probably happen before the end of the year.



Reviews from IGN and Gamespot are out.. 9.0 and 9.5 respectively


This may make me buy a PS3...


Soooo ... This thread isn't about Hello Kitty Island Adventure?


Thanks for this. I just watched the first 15 mins and will finish later. The game is definitely looking amazing. I just can't wait for the 20th.


I'm gonna have no life when this game comes out. Can't wait.


can't wait.....my 14 y/o son and I will play GOW for hours!!


Dammit. This game would come out the same day I have to fly back out to the rig.


Of course I pre-ordered as well.
I love this game. Yeah, Gears 2 had its issues (huge issues...multiplayer is a JOKE). But the Gears 3 Beta showed me that Epic fixed a big part of the problems. Dedicated servers were awesome.
That sawed off double barreled shotgun is a bit overpowered (as is the retro lancer)...but I am not complaining.
Oh man...I can't wait for Tuesday....and that means Monday at 11:59 PM.


Are the multiplayer issues really fixed? I just played one match yesterday on Gears 2 and its a joke.. terrible lag and its just a shotgun fest.