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Gears of War 2/ XBOX Live


Anybody here who plays Gears of War 2 on XBOX Live ?

my gamertag is ConnivingZERO


o45 Colt




Is multiplayer any good? I'm not on Xbox Live but might get on it soon. I was a bit disappointed with the main game, didn't last long enough IMO.


horde mode with people you know is fucking awesome, however the other multiplayer modes I haven't really given a run through too be honest its been ages since ive been on xbox live, I'm waiting for ODST too come out as it looks like they have something similar to horde mode.


XBL = Xabrophazon

I also play some R6:V2 from time to time. I kinda wanna get back into Halo 3 but I'm not too good at it tbh.


Don't let Bujo fool you. He never plays.


I played the survival mode for a long time trying to hit 50 but it seems the intelligence of the average player is far below what it should be and most people seemed to lack a mic.

I stopped playing competitive multiplayer when everybody and his brother was using the shield glitch.

It would be a good game if not for the players :slight_smile:


they have created patches to the game to fix the glitches except for the wall jump and shotgun move


to the poeple who posted gamertags, I will send a friend invite today



Usually playing horde...not down for the deathmatches..


well when you guys man up and start playing COD4 (hardcore only) I'll be ready to own you.


COD 4 is shit, everytime you respawn some guy picks you off, cannot be fucked respawning just to get shot and have that repeat over, and over and over again



I've been playing some Horde online lately.


I love playing horde, and used to play every night for a few hours. They recently added leveling as you get experience on Horde, which is cool, but I'm only a 13 at this point because I don't play as much.

I think horde is the shit, personally. It's addicting about teaming up with 4 random strangers and seeing how long you can last against wave after wave of aliens.

My gamer tag is The Hoimister. (don't ask, my son came up with the name, we share the account).

I'll reach out to you tonight or tomorrow.


I'm surprised how many people I've played with recently don't have mics.



or I play under ObsceneJester


They finally added exp to horde? Shit I may have to go back...that was one of the things that pissed me off a lot when they added exp.

PirateT22, I'll probably be hitting it sometime this weekend.


cool, I will send out friend requests, or send one to me; either way we fight the locust!!!!