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Gearing UP for Next Cycle


I've been off now for about 3 months and the road to recovery has been great. Weight dropped after last cycle from 240- 232 after PCT. 2 Months after PCT and im gaining again, and sitting at 237 currently. No change in BF- Lifts are going up. Shoulders and upper chest are looking thick, legs are strong.

I'm on the fence about my next cycle and was hoping for some Input

Last 2 Cycles have been 500 Test Enth and 600 EQ /wk.

I've been happy with the results, but want to try something different. Excited about trenbolone but also curious about a higher dose test cycle.

Proposed Cycle 1
750 test enth/wk 250/mgMWF
50mg Dbol Pre workout
Standard PCT/ Ancillaries

Proposed cycle 2 8 Weeks
100Mg Test Prop EOD
75 MG Tren Ace EOD
50mg Dbol/ Pre workout

I'm just trying to get my weight and leverages up, strength is key.

Test and Tren? or high test?

This will be my 3rd injection cycle, and I have done several oral cycles. Winny a few times , M1t, Anavar ect.


High test low tren.

Favorite all time strength cycle.
16 weeks out

750mg of Test
600mg of Deca

3 weeks out
750mg of Test
600mg of Deca
75mg of Tren Ace Daily.

I really love tren almost to the point of not coming off of it ever even t atlesst 100mg of Tren E a week. Stuff strength size makes me feel much better than test a honest 3:1 ration if I had to just guess. In other words I feel in order to match 500mg of Tren id have run 1500mg of test. How ever I now tren in an ace in rne hole and I try to limit it to pre meet training to really see some kick. Probably sounds little high to you,bit easily Knoxville.