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Gearing up for 2nd Cycle, Discussion

Hey everyone, I had quite an extensive thread running back in late summer 2019 discussing my first ever cycle.

Quick refresh, 39 year old male, up to that time a juicing virgin, been working out for 10 years, pre cycle was 6’2 190, ended cycle around 214 pounds .

Cycle was very simple, 125mg twice a week of test - e.

Intended to cycle for 10 weeks but ran out at 8.5 weeks, had bloods done at 8 weeks and total T was 2185, free T 49.6, E2 94.8.

During the last week and for 2 weeks after stopping I took .25mg arimidex twice a week and 250iu HCG twice a week.

Waited 3 weeks after last shot of test and did 4 weeks of Nolva 40/40/20/20

Everything was great, never had a crash never felt depressed.

There are a couple things I would like to address in the second cycle, number 1, should I switch from test e to sustanon, or some other test ester that doesn’t take weeks to kick in. It was literally the very end of my cycle like week 7.5 to 8.5 where my lifts finally dramatically took off, even for 2 weeks after coming off my lifts continued to increase, would love for that to kick in sooner.

Number 2. I know I know, 250mg is just trt…yea right, you telling me guys have 2185 total test on " just trt", even at that low of a dose I felt anxious a lot of the time and was sweating a lot.

The best I felt on cycle was the first 3 weeks, and the 3 weeks AFTER stopping, week 4 through 7 I was red faced, insomniac with anxiety.

Nolvadex I heard caused peoples libido to crash and I had the opposite effect I was constantly horny on nolva, even more so than on cycle, liked that a lot.

One last question, I didn’t suffer from any hair loss at all on the first cycle, does that mean I’m safe and can handle test, arimidex, HCG and nolva without hair loss or can it manifest out of nowhere even though it didn’t affect you the first time around.

Thanks for reading the book, any advice would be great.

I’m at 1500 on that dosage, it’s individualistic… not everyone has the same concentrations of androgen on said dose. Furthermore, despite the potential for adverse effects… for the average young HEALTHY male, 2000ng/dl could be maintained for MANY years (provided haematological parameters don’t budge)

Unless you want to pin EOD then I would stick to E or C. Sustanon is bullshit; it looks great on paper but IRL it’s not nearly as easy as it seems.

Instead of having it kick in sooner, why not just run Test E longer than 8 weeks this time? Plan accordingly and run 12 weeks.

Just jack up your first week. If you plan to run 500mg per week, shoot 750 the first week.

Thanks Iron yuppie, I guess the only way to get stronger faster is through the front loading oral route, and I’m not interested in Orals, I don’t want to mess my liver, screw my lipids or raise the blood pressure too high .