Gearing it up

Let me preface this with a thanks to all those who give commentary, stay rational, and think through what they are doing to themselves and how they are helping others. It takes a good character and discipline to do so and I salute all those aiding bodies out there.

What I am looking for here is some pointers, some finer ideas, and some reasoning on where I should head. I’m 24, 6’3", and over the past 3 years have gone from 275 to 175lbs (currently 186). I went from 26% body fat to 24, then 19, 14, and at this time I am at 7.6%. This summer I pulled off a wonderful cut cycle which gave me great definition but I ended up chopping down too much of the mass I had attained through last winter. I am of the opinion that I am at the top physical condition I have ever been at and want to take that to a new level.

My goal is for next summers resting cut weight to be at 185-190, this year I rested around 175 during the last few weeks of cuts.

3 weeks ago I started heading into my first of 3 cycles for winter. I’m taking the Androsol/Tribex/Grow/Ribose/Methoxy/Md6 stacks until I run out then was thinking of going into a light steriod cycle, which I will need opinions on, and then cycling off of those back onto the Biotest line to ease off. At 6-8 weeks a cycle this should bring me into spring and ready to shed the excess.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve gone up to 186lbs, which I know being back on a creatine base is waterbloating me a bit, and other than some small puffiness I am noticing no ‘fat gain’ which is important. I want this ascent into weight gain to be very controlled this time around. I’m taking in about 3-4 shakes a day, along with other protien rich foods, wheat based breads/grains and have a vitamin supplement three times a day that make some people blanch. I’ve got a garbage meal I just about can’t avoid every 2-3 days taking Chitosan to try and limit the fat intake.

I work out 5 days a week, sometimes 6 depending. I’m planning on doing GVT during my next cycle, until then I am doing 5 sets of 12 of my first 3 exercises and 3 sets of 8 for my last 2 of a group. I’m working a lot of isolation exercises and the high rep mid weight is working well for me now.

Based off of this information I need tips on diet and cycle plan. I can keep just about religious but I don’t want to become a zealot, I’ve got enough things to worry about on a day to day basis. I know that some of these points may have been addressed in site and I have found some links, so please don’t think me stupid, just drop a link to where redundant information may be.

I appreciate anything people can give me, just trying to give myself every opportunity to have a good body but do it in a wise manner.