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Geared vs Natural - Pros and Cons

Gear Use Pros:

-Build a year’s worth of muscle in 12 weeks
-Awesome pumps for when tight t-shirt weather hits
-Totally changes your perspective on what you can accomplish with your body (ie you know you could add another 10lbs if you wanted)
-Strong enough to impress noobs in the gym
-Popping bacne is a great way to bond with your girlfriend (don’t pretend you don’t let your girl pop them - I know you do)
-Seeing first hand what it’s like to be King Kong

Gear Use Cons:

-Pinning sucks
-Oestrogen’s a bitch
-Ancillaries are pricey
-People are worried you’ll hulk-out and murder them

Natural Training Pros:

-You get to get on your high horse and pretend the only reason anyone is better than you in the gym is because they’re on and you’re not.
-You can rationalise your sucky progress by using words like “ectomorph”
-You can avoid brutal training methods like 20 rep squats, drop sets etc because they’re just too much for nattys, bro.

Natural Training Cons:

-You’re a whiny little skinny, weak-ass bitch too scared to pin with the big boys

Anyone got any they’d like to add?

I don’t need to train. That’s great because I hate sweating. I may occasionally pop in to the gym and play with the 15kg dumbbells just to say I did it.

My wife will leave me if I use.

My wife will leave me if I use.


does it not bum you out that all the 150lbers are squatting and deadlifting heavier than you?

I avoid going to gyms to save myself the embarrassment

Real good thread for all the young guys 21 and under that come on here looking for any reason to start using gear. Nice!


Why is there always that one asshole without a sense of humour?

But I thought the sarcasm was the humor :confused:

Nah I usually get my strength back when I cycle off and lose all my gainz. Then I become the 150lber laughing at all the weak juice monkeys. Best of both worlds. Thank God for Stronglifts 5x5!

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Gear Use Cons:

  • You may not give birth to children
  • Joint issues
  • Expensive
  • It’s cheating if you’re competing against clean dudes

Yeah I’ve been off for 6 months lifting light just maintaining muscle mass because of this.

I’m a Daywalker.

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Imagine if their were a pill that added an inch to your dick or a couple inches to your height. There would be no conversation lol.


ah sorry, I apologise

Ah but what if the government, for some reason, decided to make it illegal and only available as a prescription only drug for people with tiny dicks? It would be the same thing. People with small dicks just short of being in the tiny category will still start the same nonsense about morality, cheating etc. I bet some idiots will even call John Holmes a fake natty!!!


Gear use cons:

Giving natties unrealistic expectations makes it hard to sleep at night.

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