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Gear Smells Bad. Should I Be Alarmed?

You ever get that smell when drawing from a vial, specifically tren I guess… it just smells like…gear, I guess…?

I’ve been cruising for like a year or probably more actually. Getting ready to blast and opened my container to see what I have left over… (totally sealed container, gears in baggies, stored properly in a dark closet, …the whole 9)

When I open the container I get smacked with that oil smell. Pretty heavily. Nothing is expired although a lot of vials have popped tops And are half empty from last blast. some Vials are up to 2-3 years old, Most is 1-2 years old. I’m wondering if it smells like that because it’s been sitting so long and caps are popped or if it’s gone bad. I see no sign of aged oils, everything is still clear and thin or thick as it should be and colors look in tact. It just smells like dank ass gear. It’s a mix of all different compounds.

Do you think it’s still good or should it be tossed? Any one else ever have this issue?

I dont know the answer but id toss it as its just not that expensive to buy new… But i also dont finish 2l coke or any drink, i don’t like how large bottles taste after they have been open for 2+ days…

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The only way to tell that gear has gone bad is by the smell. If it smells rancid then it’s rancid. Toss it, buy new gear. It’s cheap and your health is worth it.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Unfortunately I can’t tell what it is that is letting off that aroma so I have to toss it all. Prolly 2 cycles worth. That’s what u get for being proactive and buying ahead before covid comes and shuts gyms down for over a year…

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That’s all part of the experience I thought … or was I lied to