Gear Question

Hey guys, I know there are a bunch of questions and threads on suits, but I’ve got a specific question considering a strongman event I’ll probably be doing in April in OH. I just got a copy of the flyer yesterday, and 2 events: CAR deadlift and 2/3 anderson squat w/ ohio bar(both max reps for a minute, car will be fiesta w/ 140 lb extra and squats will be 500 lb for my division, novice 231+)…both allow for supportive gear, including knee wraps, squat suits/briefs, and then suits for the car deadlift…

I’ve got about a $50 budget if I decide to get one, and so far I’ve only seen the INZER power pant, champion suit, z suit in my price range. From what I understand the INZER high end stuff is decent, but not sure about their low end stuff. I probably won’t be doing any geared PL meets so something that can give me support in SM comps when suits are allowed would do the trick. I’ve got a pair of Elite fitness wraps that I love, so just want some input on the suits/briefs. I figure I can order them in Feb/late Jan, and that’ll give me a good 2-3 months to break them in.

Also, forgot to mention that I can’t get a squat and dl suit so I’m hoping I can make it work for both. I just read a post on powerlifting section about switching a squat suit backwards for deadlifts…I typically don’t take much stock in those forums but I trust the expertise of people on this form much more, but just wondering if this is true.

I have very little experience with gear, but with that price point check out the classifieds of powerliftingwatch. I was able to get a metal jack deadlift suit for $100 that way. It will be used as well, which means less break in.

^^^I agree. I think you’ll get more from used higher end gear than the low end stuff. Everybody will have their brand loyalty, so it’s hard to say what brand to look for. I, personally, really like Inzer. I think you could get a lot of use from a used TRX suit. If you just want briefs, the Predators will do amazing things for your squat variations, but I don’t know that it will help deadlifts.

I found a used pair of metal ace briefs for $50 on pl watch. He said they give him 100-150 which is plenty if true. From his sizing info it will probably be perfect for me