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Gear Pricing

I was fortunate enough to get my Test (enanthate) at $1 to $2 per 1ml amp in Iraq while there and would cycle 3cc/ week throughout my cycle tapering down to 1cc the last couple of weeks with great results.

I am now in Malaysia and it seems that the only gear available for inject is Sustanon 250 at anywhere from RM90-RM100($30-35US per 1ml amp). I have no idea if this is too expensive or not and if I need to press hard at haggling down the price. Seems to be the standard packaging and amps produced in Holland according to the vial. A 10 to 16 week cycle could get very expensive!

I have not ever tried to buy in the US so I have nothing else to compare it to. Any thoughts or experiences on prices in this area would be appreciated.

I was also wondering how much different Sus250 will be than the straight test (enanthate) I have done in the past. From what I gather Sus is a mix of long and short acting tests, but what will be the bloat/ estro affects. Do I utilize an AI in conjunction with my cycle or just post? In the past I cycled off with Clomid.

Thanks for your help.

you should be able to get it for 5… and I wouldn’t go over 10. All asian countries haggle, it’s part of life. You could probably get it down to 1-2$ if you were aggressive enough. 5 would be more than fair though imo.

Youre lost man. Too many shitty questions and I’m not talking about the pricing questions. Read the stickied threads.