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Gear Prices in Mexico

Was in Mexico, didn’t buy anything, my mom was with me. We were checking out prices for her medications. She takes many. Anyway, here are a few I checked on for you guys: Oxyflux clenbuterol (generic clen) 500/2mcg tabs for $8; Cynomel (Cytomel) 100/25mcg tabs for $6; Serofene clomifeno (clomid) 10/50mg tabs for $4. Of course all the rest … sostenon for $11, reforvit for $35, finasterida (if you want the 1mg tabs) 28/1mg tabs for $47. Tons of Brovel, gh, sten, etc. I didn’t get anymore prices, again, since my mom was with me.

Just wondering if anyone has shared this experience: I’ve shopped the TJ pharmacy scene by myself several times. Recently, I made the trip with a couple of hispanic friends (I’m caucasion). To my amazement, the prices seemed to be slightly lower when I had them ask for me. Also, there seemed to be a lot less hassle and easier access to a variety of products. I expected this sort of thing with souveneirs and regular merchandise, but I thought the pharmacies were based on set prices.

Ken, I haven’t done TJ yet, but am planning on it really soon. How did you get it back into the US? On your person or did you drive across?

This aspect of the whole thing is the part that freaks my shit out!

It is not that hard to carry the gear back with you. I used to go down with a couple of buddies in the late afternoon, stay until it got dark and just stash it in a very inconspicuous spot. The federales do not stop all cars and usually only stop cars that look suspicious. Do not draw a lot of attention to yourselves. This means do not be rowdy or travel in fancy car. Low pro is the way to go.

Oh, and in reference to what Ken said, they are definitely more friendly towards hispanic people. I have had good luck in the pharmacies when I speak Spanish to the clerk. They tend to cut me a little break.

Yeah, not recommending that you do it, but it is easy to do. I came across from TJ once, was down in Ensenada, was driving in a truck by myself. The border patrol (woman) after asking if I had anything to declare, reached back behind my truck bench seat. I leaned forward, out of instinct, and she pulled her hand out. She let me pass. I was shittin, let me tell you. Luckily, I didn’t instinctively push back against the seat or look worried.

I recently came across with my mom in tow. I was driving a camaro convertible. The agent stopped me, asked a few more questions than I cared to answer, even though I didn’t have anything, you still feel like a criminal.

I was also stopped “going into” Mexico on this last trip, because as XXX says, don’t drive a nice car. they looked in the trunk, I helped them lift up suitcases to see to the bottom of my trunk.

By the way do not take guns into mexico. You can do up to 5 years in a “mexican prison”, which ain’t no home and garden american prison. You can do up to 30 years for possession of multiple weapons.

I’ve always parked on the U.S. side and done TJ by foot. The Mexican authorities are practicaly a non issue at the border. The U.S. basically asks you to declare your citizenship and then waves you through. They sometimes put your bags through a quick x-ray or look inside, so it’s better to stick certain purchases on your body. Try crossing during busy periods, late afternoon to early evening. When it’s busy, they really don’t have time to be thorough. However, I think a lot of it has to do with your apperance and demenor. If you look like a typical day tourist, they won’t hassle you. If you go to TJ, make a day of it. In addition to visiting pharmacies, enjoy the city and have a good time. Actually be a typical day tourist.